Wednesday, December 31, 2014

7 Continents!

I didn't have a chance to run today because it is fly home day.  But while at work tonight I have been kind of busy creating training incentives.

First I joined the Seven Continents Marathon Club.  I already have run marathons in North America, Asia, and Europe.  But I still have a small collection that I am missing. So first I signed up for the Maasai Marathon in Kenya.  It's with Marathon Tours and includes some exciting extra Africa adventures.  But I still didn't have anything planned for February and was hoping to find something in South America because I already have registered for Bunbury in Australia.

The only one that looked possible was Punta Arenas, Chile, and it is in February.  But it is part of a two marathon package that includes Antarctica.  I had attempted to register for it a few days ago but the registration link didn't seem to take me there.  But I gave it another try.  This time it did work. It's really expensive but I decided it was worth every penny.  So, took a deep breath and signed up.

Now I have 7 marathons and the last 4 continents on my agenda for 2015.  I guess I won't be bored!  Hopefully I will be in good shape by the end of the year!

I don't have a run scheduled for July so maybe I can still sneak in a climb of Mt Fuji that month.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

4 Miles This Time

My routine has always been to have a light breakfast, wait an hour or so, then run the treadmill.  Tonight I tried skipping breakfast.  I was able to run but didn't feel very good doing it.  I really need something to eat after at least 8 hours of no food so that I have enough energy for a good run.  I felt slow and sluggish and happy to stop.  I did run 4 miles instead of only 3 as I've done most of this month.  I would sure love to wake up early enough to do at least 10 miles.  But lately it takes too long for me to get to sleep.  So sacrificing sleep may not be the best performance enhancing technique.  I will only be up here in Deadhorse for a few more days so I will try to find a way to get in some longer runs.  It still might not be too beneficial to try to run outdoors but at least I will have the option of the sports center.  I'm definitely lacking in ambition right now.  I hope I can get out of this slump!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

3 Miles

Another short 3 mile run on the treadmill.  Really late hitting the gym today.  So late that I had to miss dinner to do it. I can't seem to get to sleep early enough to grab some breakfast, wait an hour, then run, and still have time for dinner, a shower, and getting to work on time.  I'll be glad to get home where I can take going to work out of the picture for a couple of months. I hope the lack of long runs doesn't mess me up too much for the Bahamas Marathon.  I feel quite poorly trained this month!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Another Christmas at work up in Deadhorse, Alaska.  We had a big fancy meal at the hotel as usual.  I decided that I should run before going down there and indulging.  It was just another short 3 mile run.  But a short run is better than no run.  I didn't end up eating much after all though.  It is so much food that just looking at it seems to fill me up! The shrimp was really good though.

This has been a really bad month for training.  I don't know whether it's because I'm tired of the treadmill or maybe I'm just tired and unenthusiastic. The perpetual darkness combined with only the treadmill is not conducive to enthusiasm!  But I am keeping in mind that next month I will be running the Bahamas Marathon and probably spending some quality time on the beach.

Meanwhile snow is falling here.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Short & Sweet

Today I did a very short run.  By the time I got done with everything else I needed to do, all I could do was grab a quick two miles on the treadmill.  I did try to speed it up though.  It felt good.  But I need to run some long runs.  There never seems to be enough time because they expect me to go to work every night!  What I need is a treadmill here in the weather office so I can just run all night!

I have been busy uploading more and more of my photos for sale to my new Facebook Page for my photography cancer fundraising business. I did sell my Barrow photo today.  I wish I could sell a lot more because the cost of each sale goes directly to my Team In Training fundraiser.

This is the Barrow photo, taken right on the beach in Barrow, Alaska.  It's a very special spot. Click the picture and you can donate to fight cancer!

Barrow Alaska

Friday, December 19, 2014

Treadmilling Again Today

I really didn't have time, but sometimes you just have to make time!  It was only another 3 mile shorty but at least I did get to the treadmill before I had to race off to work.  No time for dinner though. I need to start waking up earlier!!  Alarm clock maybe?

Cancer doesn't wait so help me in the fight to put an end to it. 

How about a Christmas gift for everyone with cancer?

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Short Run

Just another 3 mile treadmill run today.  I was so late getting started with my evening that I had to completely miss dinner to get in my run!  To be honest, I don't really miss not having dinner.  Breakfast was so soon after waking up that I guess I didn't really need dinner.

I've been trying to come up with ways to do a better ob of fundraising because so far, 99% of my cancer fundraising is coming directly from my paycheck!  That's OK but I would prefer to feel that I am getting the word out of the importance about raising money for much needed cancer research.  I don't exactly make enough money to single handedly fund all of the research myself! If I could, I would.

I do try to sell my photography to raise money for the cause, but sometimes I think I am the only one in the world who has ever heard of my photography business.  I do have my Habataku website. But I decided to try to spread it around a bit more on social media.  So I created a Facebook page for it.  I told all of my friends and have 95 Likes on the page.  But it looks like that's all I'm going to get.

I'm working on ideas to create something much more interesting in the form of photography so that one day people will really want to buy my pictures. 

But for now, I'll just concentrate on what I do have and keep training for the next Team In Training event.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Short Run

So much troubling news in my life this week.  It's been hard to wake up!
But I had to make a big decision - eat dinner or run.  I decided that run was the better choice.  It was only a short 3 miles but I did need to make it to work on time.

I added some more pictures to my photography website, Habataku, in case anyone wants to buy one to help fund my Team In Training fundraiser.  I'm not having much luck with that, but I have to keep trying. 

I added these new pictures from my Japan and Portugal trips to my Asia and Europe links.

Kyoto Fushimi Inari Japan

Ryukoji Temple Shikoku Japan

Sairinji Temple Shikoku Japan

Cabo Da Roca Portugal

Ponte de Lima Portugal

Roman Road Perozinho Portugal

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Short and Fast

I really didn't have time to run today because I was too busy messing with my credit card company because they canceled my credit card.  But I decided that a run of any length might preserve my sanity after that nonsense.  It was a wonderful short 3 mile treadmill run.  I feel much better now.

Not too good outside right now though because it is currently -35 Fahrenheit.  That is too cold for anyone to go outdoors if it's not absolutely necessary.  So I was appreciative of the treadmill today!

Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Miles on the Treadmill Again

I found some lively music from a post to the Americans on the Camino Facebook page, downloaded the album and found the ambition I needed to run.  It was really hot in the exercise room though.  I wish there was some kind of air movement in that place, at least near the treadmill. But compared to the -20 temperatures outside, I don't want to complain too much!  At least there is a place to run indoors.  This month I've really been missing outdoor running and walking.  There is none of that up here in the winter.  Although sometimes I feel like I should just wake myself up in the middle of the day when there actually is some twilight, and go for a short walk.  I'm not so sure about even a short run out there on the ice covered road, but a walk sure would feel good.  I've been surfing around for more marathons for next year.  I feel some attraction to a couple in Italy in February, but have not committed to any of them yet.  I need to commit more to just dragging myself out of bed in time to run on the treadmill!  I'm feeling very lazy this month.

But cancer isn't going to wait for me to drum up some ambition, so I'll try to keep myself motivated, keeping the cause of finding a cure, high in my thoughts. 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

5 Miles

Finally, a rather short treadmill but of only 5 miles but with no pain to my ankle.  I'm not sure what that pain was all about but I guess my ankle has adjusted to the idea of running on the treadmill again.  I stopped after each mile for a quick stretch just to be sure I wasn't causing any problems.  I have to concentrate on good training this month because I have 4 marathons on the upcoming agenda.  If that isn't incentive to train, I don't know what is!

Of course curing cancer is my primary incentive.  It's not too late to get another 2014 tax deduction, so consider supporting my cause with a donation. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Short Run

My ankle started hurting really badly so I stopped my treadmill run.  But a few minutes later it felt good again, so I went back for another try.  This time it felt fine, but I took it nice and slow and just ran 3 miles.  I had to go in to work early so was pretty short on time anyway.  I'll be taking a rest day tomorrow.  I suspect that my running muscles just need to adjust to the treadmill again.  It is annoying when things like that happen though.  I have to be able to run because it is my main way of fighting cancer!

The end of the year is approaching, so this is a good time to get in one more tax deduction.  Please support me with a donation, large of small by clicking here!


I just signed up for the Bunbury 3 Waters Marathon in Australia. Suggested by a new friend I met on a little cruise to the Greek Islands while in Athens for the Athens Classic Marathon.  Always wanted to go there but now my wish will come true. Adding another continent to my marathon running list.   

Monday, December 1, 2014

Upcoming Marathons

I am now signed up for 3 marathons for 2015.  January 18 I'm running the Bahamas Marathon, which should be a nice break from January Alaska weather.  Then later on, I'm doing my next event for Team In Training, The Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 3rd.  Later that month on May 24th I'm running the Coeur d'Alene Marathon in Idaho. It will also be a great chance to visit my family in Southern Idaho and visit the lovely town of Coeur d'Alene.

So once again I'll be fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to try to eliminate the horrors of cancer from our world.
Race 4 Cancer

Back on the Treadmill

Now I'm back up in Deadhorse in the icy cold winter weather.  So back on the treadmill for all of my running.  It's not really possible to run up here in December because it's dark all month and the roads are ice with no shoulder.  A runner would be a hazard both to himself and to the trucks on the ice road.  So I spend my training time on the treadmill watching TV and listening to my music.  It works!  I only ran 3 miles today because my right ankle started hurting.  It always take a day or two to get reacquainted with the treadmill. Tomorrow should be better.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

New York City Marathon

I made it!  All 26.2 miles in the icy cold 40 degree temperatures in spite of the accompanying 40 mile per hour wind.  It was brutally cold the whole way.  We had to hang out at the start line for close to 4 hours too, which was probably the coldest part.  I had on a heavy sweatshirt that I bought at the 99 Cent Store in Queens, but it wasn't enough.  I was still freezing.  I did ditch that right after I crossed the bridge, but later on wished that I still had it.  At one point I picked up a heavy scarf that another runner had discarded, and wrapped that around my neck for a while.  I was ok until about mile 20 or so when suddenly the cold became nearly unbearable.  But a really thoughtful Team In Training coach happened along and asked how I was doing.  When I told him how cold I was, he gave me a spare long sleeved T-shirt that he had.  That saved the day for me.

It was a really nice run in spite of the icy cold conditions though.  It was amazing to see thousands of people in front of me and thousands behind me.  I was in the middle of a crowd for the entire race.  There were over 50,000 runners and there was no half marathon.  All 50,000 ran the full marathon.  We ran through all of the boroughs and finished in Central Park.  It was actually getting dark when we finished, yet my wave started around 10:30 in the morning. 

The walk back to my hotel was about 3 miles and I was really tired.  But they gave us really nice fleece lined ponchos and I was totally wrapped up in that.  At the desk in my hotel I had to arrange for transportation to the airport for the next morning, and nearly collapsed while working on that transaction.  I barely made it to the elevator and was leaning over clinging to the hand rail hoping to not faint before I reached the 14th floor.  I did manage to remain standing but threw myself onto the floor as soon as I opened the door to my room.  I think that was the most exhausted I have ever been after a marathon.  But it was worth it! 

NYC Marathon Finish
The greatest part was knowing I raised $4000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund needed cancer research. Finding a cure is the real finish line!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lisbon Marathon

Today was a bit disappointing! I have run 38 marathons in the last few years but this one turned out to be too much for me. I was last, which is unusual for me even though I am always rather slow. The race officials made me stop at mile 16 even though I still had plenty of time to finish. It was quite warm by my standards and I was likely experiencing a bit of heat exhaustion. Maybe I'll give this one a try next year.

So after a good rest tonight I will continue through Lisbon, heading north along the river towards Santiago de Compostela.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Short Run Today

I had the best day of sleep in the entire month! I didn't wake up once and actually fell asleep right away.  But I slept a little later than I had hoped.
I did want to run around the lake if the weather was good, but just didn't have enough time or a 5 mile run.  Yesterday's beautiful sunshine was also long gone.  Although, it was totally calm and 36 degrees.  So I just drive down to the river access road and ran 3 miles there again.  It was pretty cold in spite of the lack of wind.  It's amazing how much a little sunshine can make you feel warmer. 

What a bleak landscape!
  I can't wait to see trees and plants and mountains again.  Only two more nights at work then I'm on my way home. But for sure I have no complaints.  I love my job and am so thankful that I can spend these months here in the Arctic.  Last night's Northern Lights were amazing.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nice Outdoor Run

We actually had a beautiful sunny day today.  There was hardly any wind too.  I drove down the road and ran outdoors on the little river access road for 4 miles.  It felt so good to be out in the sunshine even though it was still pretty chilly at just 30 degrees.  I noticed that I was definitely in a happier mood after that run.

I took some pictures to celebrate being able to see the sun for a change.

Only a couple more days here then I'm off to Lisbon for the marathon.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Wow I actually saw the sun when I woke up. I hurried outside to run. But I was quickly disappointed and decided to turn back. It was so muddy out there that the roads could loosely be classified as swampland! So I went back inside and ran a short 3 miles on the trusty treadmill. I'm taking it a little easy because I've been having some odd knee pain. It didn't bother me while running so it is probably nothing. I was glad to get in a run even if it was a bit shorter than I would have liked.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

3 Miles

I'm sticking with very short treadmill runs for a few days.  I've been getting some annoying little pains in my foot and leg muscles.  It's probably from not spending enough time out there running.  But it's just not possible outside right now.  Much too dangerous with low visibility, heavy fog, high winds and of course, bears. I can't wait to get back outdoors again.  But looking at our current weather system, that will probably be next month in Portugal.  At least I see the weather is much warmer there even if today's conditions are showing rain.  Warm rain, that sounds really nice!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

3 Mile Run

My Nike+ iPhone app has been really acting up lately!  Yesterday I ran only 1 mile but then wasn't feeling well so stopped.  Instead of showing the 1 mile that I ran, it only said .6 mile. I wondered about that, but was able to edit the run.  Today I ran 3 miles and it appeared to be correct.  But when I stopped it showed that I had just run 0 miles!  That was offensive!!!!!  Again I was able to edit it and put the real time from the treadmill readout.  But today I still felt like I was dragging.  I am using new running shoes so that could be it.  But mostly I think I'm just tired.  This week I have lost a lot of sleep because they keep doing very loud work outside of my window here at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel, so I get little sleep.  Today was quiet so I did get a full 8 hours for a change.  I've been a little lazy this last week.  I'm going to try to get back into the swing of training for the rest of the month. 

I tried to run outdoors but when I drove a few miles down the road looking for a good running spot, the car started making a horrible racket.  So I quickly turned back and ran the treadmill instead.  The noise quickly stopped so I guess the car is ok.  I really don't want the car to break down 10 miles from Deadhorse and out of cell phone range.  I could end up with a longer run that I had originally planned!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Still On The Treadmill

I ran another 5 miles today on the treadmill. The weather here has been the same for the last 3 days, and it's not nice out there at all.  Muddy, foggy, windy, cold, drizzly.  The treadmill doesn't seem so bad when compared to the mess out there.  I entertained myself watch Big Bang Theory on the TV while I ran.  I felt kind of sluggish today though. Maybe it's the weather!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

8 Miles On The Treadmill

That was kind of a long treadmill run!  Much too nasty outdoors to consider running out there today.  My Nike+ app told me that my workout for today should be 8 miles.  One must ALWAYS obey one’s Nike+ app, right?  It seemed really hot in the exercise room today and I was soaking wet the entire workout.  But I managed to complete it.  I tried something new, and it was really kind of neat.  I used my iPad and read a book the whole time I was running.  I was also listening to music, but I mostly heard the beat of the music more than the words.  I made the text very large on the iPad and was easily able to read while I ran.  It was an interesting form of multi-tasking.  I had to laugh a little though because the book I was reading is by Thich Nhat Hanh and is predominantly about living in the moment and appreciating each task that you are doing, only for that particular task.  When you are washing dishes for example, you concentrate on only that action instead of quickly getting that chore done and planning what you will do next.  I wonder if I was living more for the run or the reading of the book or the listening to the music.  I did avoid looking at the TV that was also on in front of me!
I had heard of people reading while running so I wanted to give it a try.  I really enjoyed it!  When I am running outdoors though, even though I always have music, I really enjoy looking around at nature.  But the treadmill is just not the same!  I did get a good workout though.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Half Marathon Training Run

My Nike+ running app said that today I should run a half marathon for my long run.  I was delighted to wake up to a beautiful sunny day with almost no wind and temperatures in the high 40's.  I actually was able to run the 13.1 miles outdoors instead of boring myself half to death on the treadmill.  I ran around Colleen Lake twice then back up to the West Gate and back for the 13.1 total. The gravel on that road is kind of tricky because it is very large gravel.  Often the rocks are the size of my fist so I have to be careful not to stumble and defeat my purpose by breaking an ankle or something.  But running on an uneven surface like that is really good practice for trail running.  I have ordered some new trail running shoes and they should arrive by Wednesday.  That road will be a good place to try them out.  I was planning to use my current shoes for the Lisbon Marathon, then continue wearing them for the 400 mile walk to Santiago de Compostela.  But at that point the poor things would have close to 700 miles on them.  Then, if they had not fallen completely off my feet, they probably would not be in shape for the New York City Marathon.  So I'm hoping to break in the new ones and use them for both marathons and the Camino.  I used the same model shoe for the Camino de Santiago last year and they were great.  So I think they will be a good choice.

Nike+ Coach says I need to rest for the next two days.  That could be tough if the next two days are as nice as today was!

Colleen Lake

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunny Day!

It is a gorgeous sunny day here on the North Slope. I ran my short 2 mile run along the Dalton Highway by the Sagavanirtok River. It was a little windy and only 37 degrees but it felt great to be away from that treadmill!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 Miles Indoors

It's still not reasonable for outdoor running, so once again I had to do my run on the treadmill. I'm still feeling a bit sluggish. Running on the treadmill feels a little different from outdoor running. I think I am just readjusting to it.

I hope I get some good dry weather here this month because I love running around the lake. Right now the roads are more like swamps than roads.

Help me fight cancer!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

6 Treadmill Miles

I'm trying out the Nike+ coach program for marathon training. Today it said to run 6 miles. I managed to do it but today was one of those days where I barely felt like dragging myself down the stairs to the exercise room! It was not my best run, but a poor run is better than no run! Still glad I did it.

I really want to run outdoors but the mud, snow and 30 knot wind helped me decide it was not the best option! I think winter is here.

Help me fight cancer!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Short Short Run

I just went for a short 3 miles today on the treadmill. I ran much faster though.  I'm working on trying alternating between short and longer runs and getting my speed up.  The weather was horrible outside so I went for the treadmill.  But now it is clearing up and getting really interesting out there.  Beautiful big puffy clouds.  I wonder if I should go for a little drive before dinner.

The forecast for the next two days is for snow.  I guess winter is on its way.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Back on the Treadmill

I'm back in Deadhorse working for September. First day here and first it poured rain then it turned to snow. Bears in the area too! So much for running around the lake today! But I got in a nice 5 mile treadmill run.

Sent from my iPhone

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Denali Highway Bike Trip

Now for a little cross training!  I think I will make this an annual event, and this was the second year for the event.  Mark Simpson drove and I rode my bicycle from Cantwell to Paxson along the Denali Highway.  It was fabulous and so was the weather.  We left the morning after the marathon and somehow I managed to ride for about 25 miles before we camped.  My legs felt really tired, but that first part is relatively flat so it was actually pretty pleasant.  We spent 3 days and camped in his camper the two nights.  I think I was a little slower than last year.  It's actually amazing that I could do it at all because so far this summer I was only on my bike one other time, just a 10 mile out and back at Eklutna Lake and I was felling pretty lousy on that ride too!  But I managed the hills up from the two rivers fairly well and managed to avoid a couple of rain showers that Mark ran into.  The showers were obviously faster than I was!  135 miles on the bike right after the marathon.  That's what I call cross training!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Big Wild Life Marathon

Wow, I did it, I even beat 6 hours.  I really pushed hard the whole way.  My time ended up being 5:53:41.  I can't say that I am extremely pleased with that time.  But at least I can be happy that I did beat 6 hours.  Lisbon Marathon is coming up in October and it has a 6 hour limit.  So that has to continue to be my goal.  I felt better this time than any of the other times I have done this race.  I think it helped to not climb a serious mountain the day before like I did last year.  Or, run the Matanuska Peak Challenge the week before as I did the year before.  I just took it easy on Saturday and it paid off.

I got second in my age class, although there were only three of us.  But it was still cool to place.  I got a little coffee mug, a ribbon, and a key ring of an Alaska Map.  Very cute.

I saw Diane who was doing the walk, and my two speedy friends, Jill and Jennifer who ran the ultra.  Next year my goal is to do the ultra.  It's 49 k and if I can be in decent shape it would be awesome to do that.  But this year I was just happy to finish in a respectable time.  Diane and I went to her house and relaxed in the hot tub then she treated me to a delicious salmon dinner. 

I wondered if I might have had a little help from above on the race.  I got there at 7 am even though the race doesn't start until 9.  I found a wonderful parking place a block from the start line.  Ironically it was right in front of Holy Family Cathedral.  A man out front told me that mass stated at 7:30.  I didn't get to go to mass this morning because of the marathon so found a seat near the back and got to calm my nerves and spirit at mass there at Holy Family.  I probably looked a little odd in my running dress wearing a number.  But it was awesome!  I had plenty of time to grab my stuff from my car and make it to the start line in time. 

At the Finish

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wolverine Creek and Back

One more big hill run to get me in shape for the marathon this weekend. Oh what a struggle it is to get up that hill from Wolverine Creek to the big carrot statue up there.  But I sluggishly did it.  It was a pretty good run and my speed was good.  I'm still worried about the marathon and my slowness though. I guess it will be what it will be.  I decided against changing over to the early start, just on general principles.  I know if I keep to the regular event I will tend to push myself harder to meet my goal.  Doing the walk will just give me an excuse to poke along.  So I'm going to meet the challenge on Sunday. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Training for the Anchorage Big Wild Life Marathon in a few days.  I ran the hills on Wolverine Road up and down to the curve and back.  5 miles.  It rained a little but I was pleased because it felt pretty good.  I am really worried because I haven't felt much like running or training ever since I got back from the Arctic Watch trip.  I really need to get busy if I want to beat the 6:30 time limit.  Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem, but I've been feeling exceedingly slow lately!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4 Short Miles

I've been hiking more than running lately. But got out for a 4 miler on my own road today. I actually felt really good. I'm hoping the steep climbs have helped me get in shape.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

6 Mile Run 10 Mile Hike

I run this morning on the bike trail north of Wasilla with my Valley Renegades friends.  It was so nice just to see Terri and Becky again.  I have so rarely been home that I never get to see anyone anymore.  I misunderstood the meeting place though and ended up starting 20 minutes late.  Terri said Gorilla Fireworks.  I parked there for 20 minutes then realized there was a tiny "Lil" written above the Gorilla sign. So I drove about a half mile up the road and there was the real Gorilla Fireworks.  But Becky and Terri were walk/running so I passed them as they were coming back at my 2 1/2 mile mark.  I kept on until I reached 3 then turned around.  They still beat me back to the cars but not by very much.  It was quite hot but there was a nice cooling breeze blowing.  I felt much better than I did last week on that 5 mile run.  I have been gone dip-netting and other things so this was the first time I've had a chance to run since that run to Wolverine Creek.  I feel quite recovered now.

Actually tomorrow I should be running the Rio de Janeiro Marathon.  But I found out too late that I need a visa to go to Brazil.  So I had to cancel that trip. I learned an important lesson about international travel though.  I doubt I will make that mistake again.

This afternoon I went up to Eklutna Lake and hiked all the way to Bold Creek.  It was a beautiful day with a few short showers to make it more interesting.  It has been quite a while since I have walked all the way to mile 5 and back.  I always seem to turn back at mile 3.  So it was nice to get in the 10 mile hike for a change.

Eklutna Lake

Friday, July 18, 2014

5 Miles

Today I got out and ran to Wolverine Creek, up the hill, and back.  I could tell I was really still quite tired from the Northwest Passage Marathon and the 4000 mile drive to and from Yellowknife that went along with it.  Those hills seemed impossible!  It was a little discouraging, but at least I got out and did a nice 5 mile hill run.  It was a beautiful day too.
Wolverine Creek

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Northwest Passage Ultramarathon

I made it.  Very slow of course, but I made it all 50 kilometers of the Northwest Passage Ultramarathon.  There were only 3 of us who decided to tackle the 50K and the other two were much younger, stronger, faster, and men!  So of course I was the last person to drag myself across the finish line there at Arctic Watch.  There were 4 who did the marathon and 4 who ran the half marathon.  It was interesting because each runner had an ATV driver following along with a shotgun to chase off polar bears.  They also carried extra clothes, water and anything else we wanted for support.  It was the best supported race I have ever run!

It was a tough one though because it was on rough gravel and loose rocks and was up and down many hills.  At the end there was an 8 mile stretch on the sea ice of the actual Northwest Passage.  Then we were back on dry land for the last 2 miles. I liked running on the ice because at least it was flat.  But as the snow melted, there were small rivers of melt water that we had to either jump or wade through.  That was some really bone chilling water and my feet were soaked the whole time I was on the ice. I took about 9 hours to complete the course and was a bit worried that people might be getting tired of waiting for me.  But at least I did finish.  I'm so glad I had the chance to do it.  My week at Arctic Watch was really wonderful in every way.

My finishing picture from the Northwest Passage 50K

Friday, June 27, 2014


Well, it was raining and too foggy to be safe around here, not to mention really windy and only 35 degrees.  So I crawled down to the treadmill and forced myself to enjoy it.  And I did enjoy it!  I only had time for 4 miles.  I noticed my calves were really hurting today, which seemed kind of odd.  I think I will take my calf compression sleeves with me to Nunavut next week.  They never used to bother me like that, but this month I have been noticing it.  I think maybe I just need more stretching in general.

I have to laugh at myself considering that the weather was not good enough to run outdoors.  Next week I am running the Northwest Passage Marathon which is considerably farther north and most likely just as cold, windy and maybe even rainy or snowy.  But there is a difference.  Up there, I won't have to worry about being hit by a big truck in the fog.  I have decided on the 50K ultramarathon too since they tell me they don't enforce a time limit.  It may be my best chance to actually run an ultra.  There are only 9 of us actually running in the marathon.  I'm sure I will be proudly bringing up the rear, hopefully not with a polar bear running after me!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Sunshine!

Another beautiful day! I got up too late for a long run. But I did drive down the road a bit and ran 3 miles.  It was a beautiful day and I should have been running a 20 miler!  But it was only due to a phone call that I even woke up at all.  I must have been really tired because I normally like to be up by 2pm but that phone call came at 5pm.  I guess it's time to start setting an alarm clock so I don't sleep away all the good weather.

I'm not getting any donations at all except the ones from my own bank account.  So please if you are looking here at my blog, consider making a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal.  My real goal is a cure.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Sunny Day!

Finally, the sun came out and we had a gorgeous day here in Deadhorse.  The clouds parted around 1am giving me this lovely view.

Midnight Sun
I ran around Colleen Lake in the sunshine.  It was really nice, even with the 25 knot wind.  Since it was 63 degrees I think all the wind did was serve to keep me from getting too hot. I didn't sleep very well though so really didn't feel good at all while I was running.  I stopped a few times and took pictures mostly because I wasn't feeling very well.  But I figure even a bad workout is better than no workout at all.  I just loved being out there in the sun for a change. 
Colleen Lake 5 Mile Run

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ice Services 5K Fun Run

It was really a horrible looking day when I got off work this morning.  34 degrees with a 30 knot wind and sort of misting out there making it quite dark and dank with low fog.  But I decided to go ahead and run the morning fun run.  It's something to do anyway and it does force me to exercise.  In this weather sometimes I need a little prodding.

It was pretty cold but mainly only bad in one direction.  I just ran it once and got my T-shirt. But vowed to come back in the evening and do the evening one. So, just about 3 miles on this one.
The T-Shirt Logo
After a good sleep and a bite to eat, I went back out there and did the second run at 6pm.  The weather was about the same only a few degrees warmer and a few mph stronger wind.  Two friends wanted T-shirts but couldn't do the run so I got ambitious and ran it twice.  The last lap back to the building was blowing so hard I could barely stand up let alone run.  But I made it and got my two T-shirts.  At least I got in a really nice run of about 9 miles total today.  I really should force myself to get out there even when it is awful weather.  It was tolerable.
There Really is Ice Out There!
On the drive back to the hotel I saw a lone caribou by Colleen Lake and stopped to take a few pictures.
Lone Caribou
The weather continues to be dismal though.  This is the midnight sun at midnight 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle on summer solstice.  Not too impressive!
Midnight June 21, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014


I drove down the Dalton hoping to get out of the howling icy cold wind and corresponding fog.  20 miles to the south I stepped out of the car and was nearly blown over by the wind.  Suddenly I simply lost interest.  It was also getting pretty late so I just decided to forget it for today.

On my way back to Deadhorse I saw something moving off to the right side of the road.  On closer inspection, I found that there were a couple of full grown grizzly bears busy digging poor unfortunate little creatures out of the tundra.  It was cute to watch them because they seemed to work together.  One would start digging and the other one would quickly run over and join in.  I stayed safely in the car but did get a few cute pictures of them.

 I really wasn't too interested in running with them!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Looking For Sunshine

It's been so cold, windy, and foggy around here that in order to run outdoors and be safe I had to drive down the road for a while.  When I do that, it limits the amount of time I have to run but at least I get to run. I just did another little 3 mile run today.  I know I've done ridiculously poorly this month and I'm not sure why.  Seems like a combination of miserable weather, boredom, laziness, and general tiredness.  I need some motivation and can't seem to find it.

I did find some sunshine down the road though.
I also reached an interesting milestone on my Nike+ iPhone app.  I reached 4000 miles.
But I'm not sure that will kick me into high gear.  I hope something will!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pigging Wallow 5K

We had our first Prudhoe Bay Fun Run of the season.  Funny name, the Pigging Wallow, out on the oil fields.  There were a lot of people there.  It seems most people walk but still a few of us ran.  It's such a good thing to see people out there getting some exercise.  It doesn't matter at all whether they run or walk.  It's just great that they get out there.

It was a tough day to be out there though.  It was about 30 degrees with a very strong wind blowing.  Even with hat and gloves and 3 layers, it took a while before I actually warmed up.  But I really enjoyed it and got a nice 3 mile workout.  Of course I also got another Prudhoe Bay Fun Run T shirt to add to my collection, and a hot dog for dinner. 

It was foggy and cold, but a great time was had by all!

Pigging Wallow Runners
Pipeline View
Me and some really BIG WHEELS!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Along the Dalton

It was another beautiful day but I ended up wasting too much of it by enjoying my sleep time too much.  I usually wake up by 2 pm but this morning I had a hard time turning off my brain so didn't fall asleep until quite late in the morning.  So I didn't wake up until 4 pm. I like to wait an hour or so before running, so by the time I was ready for a run, it was after 6 pm.  The wind came up and the fog rolled in quickly changing the 50 degree sunny weather into something in the high 30's with almost zero visibility.  But I still wanted to get outside.  I grabbed my camera and drove down the road until I was finally out of the fog.  That was about 20 miles down by Caren Pond.  I parked there and ran for a chilly but invigorating 3 miles.  I probably would have stayed longer but I had to get back to go to work.  I even missed out on dinner, but let a bowl of granola take its place. 

The fog seems to be getting thicker and the temperature staying below freezing again.  I hope that doesn't signal the end of summer!

From my Nike+ App

Friday, June 13, 2014

Colleen Lake

Finally!  An absolutely splendid day for a nice 5 mile run outdoors around Colleen Lake here in Deadhorse.  It was 52 degrees with a light wind blowing.  There is still plenty of ice on the lake but lots of open water too.
Colleen Lake
It must have seemed to be an unusual sight to a couple of men in a company pickup truck. They stopped in the middle of the road while I was running and the passenger held out his cell phone, obviously taking my picture or maybe even a video.  I waved as I ran by. 

On the east side of the lake I must have also been an unusual sight to a loon out on the lake.  He yelled at me until I was completely out of sight!  I saw a few tiny phalaropes spinning around on the water and flying quickly by me as I passed along the road.  It was a wonderful day to absorb some sun and enjoy a fix of the great outdoors.

The road was nice and dry finally. Although there is some pretty deep standing water along the driveways as I left the Prudhoe Bay Hotel.  It may be a while before that disappears.
Along the west side of the lakeside road
I was so happy to finally really get to stretch my legs on real ground instead of the treadmill.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


It finally was nice enough to venture outdoors today for a run.  But I wasn't exactly thinking when I walked out the door.  Even someone who doesn't report the weather for a living, would have taken one look at the sky and realized that - well it just might rain!

And rain it did.  As soon as I had gone a little over a mile, it started to pour.  The rain itself and getting wet were not really a big problem.  But I run with my cell phone and of course didn't bring my rain jacket or at least a plastic bag for my phone.  So I knew it wouldn't be too long before me and my phone would be soaked.  So I stopped the run.  But I did drive around and check out the road conditions.  They are starting to look really good for running.  Tomorrow the forecast is for sunshine, so I am going to try for a run around the lake.  I'm bringing a plastic bag for my phone and maybe even a raincoat just in case. 

I did see a very peaceful Long Tailed Jaeger resting comfortable on the road.  He was kind enough to pose for me long enough to get a picture. Maybe spring is finally here on the North Slope, now that summer is almost here according to the calendar.

Long Tailed Jaeger

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Miles

Just a short 3 mile run on the treadmill today.  Still having trouble finding energy and motivation.  Maybe a day of good weather and the chance to run outdoors will help.  I know it's mostly a mental issue holding me back. The forecast is for much warmer tomorrow so I'm hoping that sends me outdoors.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Push

Actually I probably need a big push, like a full grown Bengal Tiger chasing after me.  But I did force myself, against all the lazy voices inside of me, to get down to the treadmill and do something.  I ran 3 miles yesterday so pushed it up to 4 today.  I practiced doing sprints and was happy to see that I am capable of running much faster, at least for 1 or 2 minute bursts.  I know that is the recommended method for increasing speed, so I'm going to try to keep that in mind as I try to ignore the lazy voices inside my head.  It's really still a little too disgusting outdoors to do any kind of useful running. So I will stick with the treadmill for a while longer.  At least with it I can force myself to run faster. I may not ever get up to the speed I would like, but at least I would like to get back to the speed I was able to run the last few years.  I've been letting too many other things interfere with my workouts and it is really starting to show.  Gotta MOVE!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Slow Slow Slow

Oh my, I was really poking along on the treadmill today.  I felt tired but honestly, I think I was just bored.  I am dying to go outside and run.  But so far the conditions just are not good enough out there.  The mud is so thick.  I may try to find a place to run outdoors tomorrow even if it isn't a good place. I am getting worried about my ability to train, not because I'm not physically capable, but because my mind doesn't seem to be capable right now.  Not sure what I need, but a little fresh air and sunshine would probably not hurt.

I guess I will at least walk to work tonight.  Hoping the fog lifts.  It's not terribly inviting out there.  I miss the flowers, trees and mountains of Japan.
Along the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Trail
Actually, I miss the flowers, trees and mountains of Alaska too. There is quite the absence of such things here in Deadhorse right now!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Sluggish 3 Miles

It took me three days to finally drag myself back down to the treadmill.  I'm just getting over a cold and probably still tired from my long Japan trip with its two marathons.  But I think mostly, I was just going through a lazy spell.  Even though it took a lot to make me drag myself down to the exercise room, I actually had a pretty good run.  So hopefully it is a trend and I will get back into the swing of things again.

Good grief, it is snowing hard here right now.  Excuse me, this is June!

Monday, June 2, 2014

5 More on the Treadmill

Oh so boring really, running on the treadmill and dreaming of the great outdoors.  But outside of this building it is currently the mud capital of the world.  It fluctuates between snowing and slightly above freezing and the permafrost keeps any snowmelt from sinking into the ground.  We have 24 hours of daylight but the clouds never go away long enough to see the sun.  I'm hoping that soon things will dry out and warm up enough that I can go back to running around Colleen Lake, my favorite run around here. 

I booked my flight to Rio de Janeiro last night so I can run the Maratona do Rio on July 27th. It has a 6 hour time limit which spurs me on to make sure I am in good enough shape that I don't have to crawl to the finish line or be picked up by the sweep vehicle and not get to finish.  At least one saving grace of the treadmill is that I can force myself to run faster by cranking up the speed.  But it sure isn't as much fun as running outside!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back in Prudhoe Bay

I'm back to work in Deadhorse now. The weather is so terrible and it is so muddy, not to mention snowing, freezing rain, and high winds, that I had to resort to the treadmill today for my workout.  I am still feeling pretty tired from the combination of two marathons and the Shikoku Pilgrimage in between plus the plane trip completely around the world.  So I just went for a simple 3 miles on the treadmill today to see how I felt.  I bought new running shoes that I hope to use on the Northwest Passage Marathon, so I wore them today.  The run went great, no pain, shoes were great.  So maybe I can be productive this month in my training so that it doesn't take me all day to run my next marathon.  It's great just to finish, but I don't like the stress of wondering if I will be too slow for an official time.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Liverpool Marathon

It was a really tough one for me but I did manage to finish the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon.  I was pretty worn out after walking around 700 miles in Shikoku Japan, which was a bit like running a marathon every day for about 5 weeks! Combined with serious jet lag from flying directly from Tokyo to London two days before the marathon, I was glad I had the energy to do it at all!  The day before the race it poured rain and threatened to do it on race day too.  But I got lucky and the rain didn't start until I reached mile 22.  But the wind came along with it and by mile 25 I was in serious doubt about being able to finish.  I was seriously cold.  But one of the race helpers gave me a space blanket that I wrapped around me and that probably did save the day.  I finished right at 7 hours and there were only two people who finished after me!  But I was still 3rd in my age group.  I was the oldest woman in the race too.  I really must start speeding up or I am going to end up not finishing the races that I start.  The circumstances were a bit unusual though so maybe things will improve. 

Next race is Northwest Passage Marathon in July.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eco Slow Marathon Finish

Eco Slow Marathon

I had a great time at the Eco Slow Marathon Inba Japan yesterday. We picked up trash around Lake Inba along the way. I even won a trophy for Clean Hero for my trash pickup efforts! The whole event was like a big party. Everyone was so friendly too. I wore my Hello Kitty ears and carried Hello Kitty on my belt. At the finish line they welcomed us with Daiko drummers. This was marathon number 35 for me.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cross Country Skiing

What a beautiful day to go skiing!  I went to Anchorage and skied with my best friend, Diane along the complex collection of trails along the Anchorage Hillside.  I never have any idea where I am on those trails.  I just follow her!  I can see that I am certainly not in the best skate ski shape this year.  Of course it was my first time on the skate skis this winter.  That could have something to do with it!  I can't believe how slow I was especially on the uphill sections, with the other skate skiers flying by like I was standing still!  I could definitely have walked or run faster.  But it was fun and that is what really mattered today.  It has been a busy hectic week and today was my relax and enjoy day. 


No back to my final packing and getting ready to head off to Japan for the Eco Slow Marathon and the Shikoku Pilgrimage.  I have received a few donations to my latest Team In Training event.  Thanks so much to Kate and Dorothy. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

New York City Marathon

Finally, I am once again signed up for a marathon with Team In Training to fight cancer.  New York City Marathon on November 2nd 2014.  My plan is to fly directly from Madrid, Spain to New York after I spend a few weeks walking the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  I am running the Rock 'n' Roll Lisbon Marathon on October 5th so decided to walk the Camino since I loved walking the Camino Frances last year.  It will be just the right amount of time to reach Santiago then fly to New York. 

So I am hoping to get the word out to everyone to help support me as I fundraise again to fight cancer.  I could sure use your help. Please click on the image below and make a donation for this important cause.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 On The Treadmill

This should be my last day on the Prudhoe Bay Hotel treadmill.  Tomorrow is pack up and laundry day then off to home.  It's warmer there so I hope I can squeeze in an outdoor run or two before I head to Japan for the marathon there. 

I have the fight cancer cause on my mind today.  I'm still waiting for confirmation that I will get accepted into the New York City Marathon with Team In Training.  I miss having an event to fight cancer on my upcoming agenda.  But at this point my last event is still accepting donations.  Click here and help fight cancer.

Monday, March 24, 2014

5 More Treadmill Miles

I still ran rather slowly but did get in a steady 5 mile run without stopping at all.  My main concern right now is hoping that the foot doesn't start hurting or swelling.  It looks a feels fine now, so I think the 2 week rest did it some good.  It's so good to be back.  The only thing better would be if I could run outdoors.  I hope that will be possible when I get home next week.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finally Back

I have been dealing with serious foot pain and major swelling for about 2 weeks.  I do still have slight stiffness in my right toe joints, but decided it was time to give running another try.  I just ran a short 3 miles but it felt great.  I didn't have any pain. So I am hoping that later tonight my foot doesn't swell to the size of a basketball.  I have a feeling it is healed now and that won't happen.  Up here in Deadhorse I really need my daily run for stress relief.  There isn't much to do here, and it is easy to just lay around and get bored.  But I feel so much better now!

Looking forward to next month and the Eco Slow Marathon in Japan followed by the 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku, Japan then, the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon. With all of that on my agenda for April and May, the last thing I needed was an annoying foot injury.  I think I am back in business.  It feels great!

Friday, March 7, 2014

10 Treadmill Miles

I kind of struggled through this one today. I felt tired, but was also dealing with one ridiculous little toe that insists on getting irritated regardless of how many different padding, bandaging, medicating, and protecting methods I use. The top of my right foot continues to annoy as well.  I wore my compression sleeves and pulled the right one down over my foot.  It actually feels better than usual, so that must be the magic cure.  Or at least it seems to have helped.

Now to find a way to not have near death experiences from boredom on the treadmill.  Even watching TV and listening to my music, it is pretty boring.  Not nearly as nice as running along a beautiful mountain trail. But here in Deadhorse in winter, forget it!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

4 Miles

I'm still following the Nike+ Coach program and ran my 4 miles today on the treadmill.  I even did the last mile at a 10 minute mile pace. 

My right foot has been swelling but it doesn't hurt while I am running.  It does hurt when I stop though.  I considered going to the clinic until I found out that they don't take my insurance.  I figure all they will say is to stay off of it regardless of whether it involves a strain, sprain, tendonitis, stress fracture, or some other injury frequently encountered by runners.  So I guess it really doesn't matter what they might have found, the treatment is still the same.  Stay off of it, which I don't plan to do anyway!

I suspect it isn't anything too serious.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New York City Marathon?

I signed up for the NYC Marathon with Team In Training Flex today.  But they are only accepting 15 people for the Flex Team.  I will be on pins and needles wondering if I get accepted.  They won't announce the decision until April 21st.  What a test of my patience! I should be wandering somewhere along the 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku, Japan when that decision is made.  I hope I have Internet access wherever I am that day.

I can't stand not being signed up for a Team In Training event.  Right now my last one, Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans appears to still be accepting donations. So if anyone wants to make a donation will still go to that site. After April I hope it will lead to my New York City fundraising page.

I ran the required 5 miles on the treadmill according to my Nike+ iPhone app coach training program.  I think it helps to have something or someone who tells me exactly what I am supposed to do each day.  It helps eliminate the procrastination.

Monday, March 3, 2014

6 Miles

I ran 6 miles on the treadmill today.  I am following the Nike+ advanced marathon training program on my Nike+ iPhone app.  It intimidates me into running the exact number of miles it suggests!  Otherwise I find myself coming up with numerous excuses.  Such as my feet hurt! They do hurt for some reason.  But since it doesn't seem serious, I will ignore it for now.

I can tell I am still a bit run down from last months weekly marathons and thousands of miles of driving.  But I am a captive here in Deadhorse so may as well take advantage of the treadmill and little else to occupy my waking hours.  I'm hoping I can get back into better marathon shape.  I have lots of runs on my upcoming agenda. 

Standby for the newest Team In Training event.  It will be the New York City Marathon.  But it is still too early to actually officially sign up for it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back On The Treadmill

I'm back up in Deadhorse again so it's back on the treadmill again.  Today would have been a beautiful day to run outdoors but there just is no logical place to do it.  The temperature is 1 degree Fahrenheit and there is almost no wind.  But I know running out there on the road would be suicide.
I was feeling a bit sluggish too.  I know I didn't get enough sleep.  First shift back working nights, still with a little jet lag and tired from all the marathons last month. I'm happy to have achieved 4 stars with Marathon Maniacs. It will be a very long haul for me to ever reach the 10 stars that so many of them have. 

But I have to push myself to pick up the pace and do longer runs.  I seem to be losing ground rather than improving.  So I am going to concentrate on improvement this month.

I signed up for the Rio de Janeiro Marathon in July and will probably try to sneak in one more state in addition to the New York City Marathon assuming Team In Training really does do that one. With so many out of the country runs, I will be pretty slow accumulating all 50 states now that I am an official member of the 50 States Marathon Club. But I would like to pick up a couple this year.  I will get two more continents with the Japan and Brazil runs.  That's exciting.  But the most exciting thing will be if I can start showing a little improvement.  Being too slow is frustrating.  I don't care to break any records, but I don't like to have the prospect of finishing becoming an issue on some of these runs.  I am happy just to finish and especially when I can run for charity.  I'm anxiously awaiting official word on the New York City Marathon with Team In Training Flex. 

I added another row of hooks on the log where I hang my Marathon Medals. It's very cute.
34 Marathons Completed

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Febapple Frozen 50

This race was a bit disappointing for me.  I signed up for the 50K and was excited about doing my first Ultramarathon.  It turned out to be the most unbelievably difficult trail.  It was a hilly trail run but it was also covered with a couple of feet of snow.  It was also very wet snow and there had been no grooming whatsoever.  It was just deep snow with only the holes from previous walkers and runners and some orange spray paint to mark the way.  There were two loops, one of 4 miles and the second of 6 miles.  After each loop we would reach the aid station again.  To do the 50K I needed to do both loops 3 times.  On my first 4 mile loop I managed to fall into one of the many creek crossings and land on my right knee on a big rock.  It took a minute for me to even be able to stand up again.  I limped for a while, wondering if I would even make it back to the aid station.  But the pain finally subsided and I was able to go on.  I was mostly walking, with very little actual running.  Each loop seemed to take forever and with each loop I was ready to give up.  As I finished up the second 6 mile loop, I was continually falling and with each step painfully twisting both ankles. I reluctantly decided that I really didn't have enough time to do the last 10 miles within the allotted time limit.  So I decided to call it a day at the 20 mile mark.  They allowed me to simply switch to the 20 mile race so I did get an official time rather than a 'Did Not Finish' for the 50K.

Now that the official times have been posted, I do have some regrets that I gave up.  I see that many of the 50K racers took considerably longer than the allowed time limit.  So I would likely have made it even if I had just continued to walk.  But it is easy to forget how totally exhausted I was at the time.  It took me over 7 hours just to do the first 20 miles.
I will do another 50K soon, but not one with steep hilly trails covered with deep unpacked snow.

However, it was a beautiful day and a gorgeous trail.  I did enjoy it in spite of the terrible conditions.
My friend Lisa met me and we went out to lunch and had a great visit.

The Trail

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Myrtle Beach Marathon

I felt certain that I would leave the winter weather behind as I drove to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the Myrtle Beach Marathon.  But that was certainly not the case.  The infamous Polar Vortex followed me all the way there.  I had planned to do some traveling along the South Carolina coast but once I hit a massive snowstorm in Atlanta, I pointed my car for Myrtle Beach and did my best to outrun it.  I spent a couple of extra days there riding out a couple of nasty ice storms.  I did enjoy Myrtle Beach though.  I visited the aquarium and took several nice walks along the boardwalk and the beach, bundled up in my winter down parka!  No chance I was going for a swim in that water.  I also took a ride on the giant Ferris wheel.  What a lovely view I had from up there.
Race day started with a torrential downpour at the start line.  But fortunately it stopped raining just as the race started.  Even though the actual air temperature was close to 50 degrees, it was freezing the entire time because of a wind of about 40 miles an hour.  It was much colder than the Mississippi River race last week.  I think my bones were frozen by the time I staggered to the finish line.  This was the slowest of the three for me, but it's about reaching the finish line and not about breaking any speed limits.  That's a good thing!

This one had the cutest medal of all.