Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 Miles

Thank goodness for the phone call that woke me up today.  I actually had time for a 5 mile run.  One look at that windsock out the window and the light snow blowing sideways told me that today it would be on the treadmill.  It was pretty disgusting outside.  The treadmill is kind of boring and I get really hot when running on it.  But it is probably better than icing up updoors on days like today.

Still hoping to meet my fundraising goal before I get to Savannah.  I keep finding out that more of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer.  It might be a small thing, but I know that running these marathons and raising money all adds up.  One day there will be a cure.  I hope I am around to see that beautiful day.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Chilly Run

I just couldn't stand the idea of that treadmill again.  It was really cold today and the wind was blowing and it was below freezing, and snowing off and on.  I had hoped to run longer but once again, I just couldn't seem to wake up.  I work all night then sleep during the day with the intention of getting up around 2 pm.  But today I really slept in and woke up at almost 5 pm.  That barely gives me enough time to eat dinner and take a shower, let alone get in any kind of significant workout.  But I jumped in the car and drove down to my favorite little road that goes out to the Sagavanirktok River, parked the car and did a very bone-chilling 3 mile run.  In spite of the windburn on my face it still felt pretty good.  I'm glad I did it. I plan to ride the stationary bike some tonight while at work.  I can do that and still monitor the weather. It's snowing again.
I saw my little Snowy Owl again.  He seems like an omen of goodwill somehow.  He always turns to look at me when I see him too.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was so excited to finally see a patch of blue sky.  I got all dressed in my running clothes, grabbed the iPhone, then looked out the window again.  It was snowing so hard that I didn't dare even get in the car and try to find a reasonable place to run.  So sadly, I went downstairs to the treadmill here at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel and ran for only 3 miles.  It gets so hot down there that I feel like I sweat off 10 pounds a mile.  The dreary weather seems to keep me from waking up early enough to do a much longer run like I need to do. Oh where has my motivation gone?  I'm looking forward to getting home next week then starting my drive to San Francisco for the Nike Women's Marathon.  I'm hoping to stop each day along the road for a training run. I hope I can find some fall colors along the way too. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Miles Today

Oh my, I have definately been a bit under the weather the last few days. Can't get myself going. Speaking of weather, it's been pretty horrible this week. In the 30s with a 35 knot wind blowing and raining overcast and very ugly. Autumn in Deadhorse!

But I dragged myself to the treadmill and ran a short 5 miles. It was so hot in there that I was dripping wet the whole time. But at least I'm glad I did it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Miles in Fog

It started out as the most beautiful day with 50 degrees and a light wind and nothing but bright sunshine.  But about 30 minutes into my 10 mile run, in rolled the fog.  It was early today.  It usually doesn't show up until the minute I walk into the Flight Service Station door to start work.  By the time I finished my run I was freezing, adding layers, and running against the wind.
A beautiful snowy owl flew over me once.  I had been photographing them the last few days, but not today with all that fog.  They are so gorgeous.  I hope to get a better close-up at some point.

I am running very slowly these days.  My shoulder still hurts and I know I can look forward to an agonizing day tomorrow in repayment for a 10 mile run. So for that reason, I am probably going to alter my training schedule from something that really looks like a normal marathon training schedule to something quite different.  I really need my long runs, but even after a short run, my shoulder pain is extreme for a couple of days.  So I will likely limit my runs to longer ones, every 3 days or so, and pass on the short 3 and 4 mile ones.  I need to pick up speed and increase my endurance, not only for the two marathons in the next two months but also for my upcoming climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in February.  I can't afford to wait 3 days to recover after every short run.  So I will run a lot, recover a few days then run a lot more.
I will see how this new strategy goes for a while.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Miles

Finally, I got in a fairly long run.  The weather is obnoxious so rather than drown out there in the pouring rain on the mud road, I ran on the treadmill.  It was a slow run and my shoulder wasn't all that happy about it, but I hung in there.  I need to get running some long runs with two marathons in the near future and also a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro soon after.  I have to whip myself back into shape, shoulder pain or not.  That's all there is to it.  So from now on, I will just pretend I don't have a right shoulder!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Overslept - Short Run

I woke up at 4 pm.  I work nights so that isn't quite as bad as it sounds, but it is still 2 hours later than it should have been.  I have not run for a couple of days because my healing collarbone and shoulder injury has been really giving me trouble.  The running seems to loosen up the joint but it also causes horrendous pain a few hours later.  But today I did manage to drag myself out and do a 3 mile run out on the little trail a few miles south of Deadhorse.  It was snowing off and on, and pretty chilly.  Shoulder is currently killing me, but I am still glad I forced myself to run. With two marathons on the horizon, I really need to get moving. 
Also on the horizon, I am looking at the REI Kilimanjaro Climb and Photo Safari in January, and an awesome bike trip through Lisbon Portugal and Granada Spain in April.  So I think I need to get myself back into shape quickly.
I'm sure sick of the pain though.  But you know what they say - No pain no gain.  Whatever.  I'm not sure this is the kind of pain they are referring too, but it still sounds good anyway.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Around the Lake

It was kind of windy and dreary as usual, but I just couldn't stand the idea of the treadmill.  So I put on the hat and gloves and jacket and did my favorite run around Colleen Lake.  I was slower than usual, but at least I made it around the lake.  If I always look toward the lake, I can pretend I am running through the Arctic wilderness.  Never mind the frequent trucks and all the industrial buildings and oil rigs in every other direction. The wind was only in my face half the way too.  Wind chill was about 30 but it was fairly pleasant really.  The best part is that while I am running my shoulder doesn't hurt.  Gotta keep it up if I want to be ready for the marathons ahead of me.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Short Run

I had planned to do a longer run today but after about 20 minutes I was getting very cold and not really feeling very well.  So after 30 minutes and 3 miles and lots of icy cold arctic wind, I decided to stop.  I'm still really worn out from my shoulder injuries.  The pain goes away while I am running but becomes almost instantly agonizing when I stop.  So today just a short run.

It was very overcast and cloudy but down the road about 20 miles the sun was peeking through the fog and the tundra had a really nice light.  It's a pretty bleak place but there is still a rugged beauty.

I'm hoping to get a lot more ambitious before I head home the end of the month.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pouring Rain

It wasn't the rain itself that made me resort to the treadmill, but the thick mud that the roads around here quickly become when they get wet.  It does make for a good workout because by the time you have reached one mile, you generally have about 3 inches of concrete-like mud hanging from each shoe. 
I was extremely tired today.  Too much stress too much loss lately.  Not only am I sad from losing my mother but yesterday I lost a friend also.  It seemed easier to just crawl under the covers and try to escape from my thoughts.  But I finally forced myself down to the treadmill and put in a quick 3 miles.  I think I needed that.  I do seem to be sleeping better up here in Deadhorse.  I'm not sure why, especially with the sun shining in the window since I have to sleep during the day. 

The shoulder was pain free while I was running, so it does seem to be a good way to exercise that joint.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colleen Lake Run

I just had an amazing run around Colleen Lake.  My first day here in Deadhorse after the toughest two month break I have ever had. Surgery in July and loss of my mother in August. This was my first run since my collarbone surgery on July 13th.  I was in real agony when I walked out the door of the Prudhoe Bay Hotel, but within seconds the pain was gone.  Was that an instant runner's high?  Sure seemed that way.  5 minutes after stopping though, the pain was back.  So finally, I have found a second way to get away from the pain, besides being sound asleep.  Running - it stops the pain instantly.  So if I spend all of my time either asleep or running, I will never have anymore shoulder pain! I ran about 6 miles today.  I have to really get on the ball and make up for lost time because I have the Nike Women's Marathon on October 16th and the Rock and Roll Savannah Marathon on November 5th.  I have some catching up to do for sure!