Sunday, May 25, 2014

Liverpool Marathon

It was a really tough one for me but I did manage to finish the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon.  I was pretty worn out after walking around 700 miles in Shikoku Japan, which was a bit like running a marathon every day for about 5 weeks! Combined with serious jet lag from flying directly from Tokyo to London two days before the marathon, I was glad I had the energy to do it at all!  The day before the race it poured rain and threatened to do it on race day too.  But I got lucky and the rain didn't start until I reached mile 22.  But the wind came along with it and by mile 25 I was in serious doubt about being able to finish.  I was seriously cold.  But one of the race helpers gave me a space blanket that I wrapped around me and that probably did save the day.  I finished right at 7 hours and there were only two people who finished after me!  But I was still 3rd in my age group.  I was the oldest woman in the race too.  I really must start speeding up or I am going to end up not finishing the races that I start.  The circumstances were a bit unusual though so maybe things will improve. 

Next race is Northwest Passage Marathon in July.