Saturday, August 24, 2013

Reykjavik Marathon

What an incredible country Iceland is!  I just drove the entire Ring Road and drove completely around the island, enjoying all the sights I could reach along the way.  Beautiful volcanoes, and glaciers, and erupting geysers.  It is fantastic.  I had to be back in time to pick up my race bib for the Reykjavik Marathon so I got back on Thursday night and spent Friday taking it fairly easy.  Just a trip to the expo and a drive up to Gulfoss Waterfall. 
The weather was not the greatest for the marathon.  Mostly raining and very windy. I was pretty cold most of the time.  But maybe the cold made me speed up.  I was nearly one hour faster than last week at Big Wild Life.  But I was still far too slow. I have really fallen behind in my training, partly because of my sprained ankle from the Kilimanjaro climb.  I can see that once I get home I will have to get busy and really hit the training hard so I can increase my speed for the Nike Women's Marathon in October. I can spend September really pushing myself while working up in Deadhorse.

I loved Iceland though, even with its wind and rain.

Blue Lagoon


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anchorage Big Wild Life Marathon

What a struggle!  I probably made a really big mistake by climbing up Government Peak yesterday because I could tell I was still really tired when I reached the start line of the Big Wild Life Marathon this morning.  I was doing ok for about the first half but really slowed down later on.  I think I only made it because of the help from the lady who was the sweeper!  She ran with me and encouraged me for quite a few miles. I did finish and got my medal.  I am hoping I will feel a lot more energetic next Saturday when I run the Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland. I will be flying out to Iceland later tonight. I bet I sleep all the way there too!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Government Peak Climb

What a wonderful and strenuous climb today with the Walkabouts hiking group.  It was so beautiful and spectacular and the steepest hike I have done in a very long time.  I am exhausted, but the view and the exercise made it all worthwhile. I will pay dearly for this adventure though because I am running the Anchorage Big Wild Life Marathon tomorrow.  I wonder if I will survive!
Government Peak View

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ran and Paddled

I hit the 5 mile run up and down Wolverine Road to the creek, up the steep hill and back again.  After that went for an awesome kayak trip about 9 or 10 miles down the Knik River.  Not quite as much of a workout and it only involved my arms, but what a lovely day in the sun.

Along the Knik River

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ran the Hills

I ran my favorite run up and down the hills for 5 miles along Wolverine Road.  It was so hot I thought I would melt though.  But I did enjoy the sunshine.
After my run I flew up to the Knik Glacier with friend Mark.  How gorgeous it was up there!

Lake George & Colony Glacier
The clouds finally cleared enough this evening that I did one more flight with Mark.  He has needed to do this for about 6 years.  His father had requested in his will that his ashes be scattered over Pioneer Peak with Mark's mother's ashes.  It was a beautiful night so we took off again and flew right over the peak and scattered the ashes over the bowl between the North and South Peaks.  What a lovely place to rest in peace.

Pioneer Peak