Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Run For March

Dragged myself to the treadmill one more time.  It will be my last March run because tomorrow I need to pack to fly home Thursday.  I just did another 5 miles.  It seems like I never found the ambition to do more than 5 on the treadmill except for one day this month.  I only ran 88.5 miles which is certainly less than I had hoped. I was definitely suffering from extreme boredom this month.  But I have the next two months to run a huge collection of marathons.  I even realized that I will actually finally hit the 10 start Titanium mark with Marathon Maniacs during one of my runs in May.  I had forgotten that it must be 30 marathons, 30 different countries, states, or Canadian provinces in a 365 day period, but the period doesn't have to start and end in the same year.

I'm quite looking forward to Rome next month.  I am hoping that Pavlof Volcano settles down though because the morning flight out of here and most of the flights yesterday were all canceled due to volcanic ash.  But I did see Alaska flight 50 from my window this afternoon.  That's a really good sign!

It has been very cold the last few days.  quite the chilly walk to and from work last night, tonight and this morning.  So not much choice but to do my run indoors on the treadmill.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today is Easter and I am here at work in Deadhorse.  Not much celebration of the holiday up here. Of course there is the usual extra amount of food, always characteristic of any holidays.  But in reality the extra food was mostly in the dessert category.  I ended up eating the usual salad and small amount of fish. When I saw the dessert table in the dining room though, I was prompted to not be lazy, and I did go do my usual 5 mile treadmill run.  I really wasn't feeling very well, so it wasn't one of my finest workouts.  I did make it through the 5 miles though.

I created an Easter message using one of my photos from my trip to Fatima, Portugal along with the typical Russian Easter greeting. I have always loved the way Russians greet each other at Easter.  The don't say Happy Easter.  Instead they say "Christ Is Risen" to which the person addressed replies "Indeed He Is Risen!"

I miss the interaction with my church in Palmer during Holy Week.  It's a special time and when it falls during March I always feel a little deprived.  Of course I also miss the peeps and Cadbury eggs, but I probably don't really need them!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

5 Miles

I had a nice snowy walk this morning back from the shop where I dropped off the car.  I really had the urge to walk all 5 miles around the lake.  But I really wasn't dressed for that and needed to go to sleep.  So when I woke up I did my usual boring 5 mile treadmill run.  I keep trying to find motivation but it just doesn't seem to come.  I am really so ready to head home back to the real world.  Then very soon after, to the beautiful world of Italy. But for the next few days I have to hang in there.

I watched the news on TV while I ran.
It's been interesting watching the election returns today on the Democratic primaries. Alaska, Washington and Hawaii all went for Bernie Sanders at between 70 and 80%  I was happy to see Alaska go for my candidate even though I was not able to attend the caucus.  They don't let you vote if you can't be in your district for the caucus.  Such a weird voting system!

Yesterday the viral video was all over the Internet of the tiny bird that landed on the podium while Bernie Sanders was speaking.  It was so cute, and sure could be interpreted as a good omen for his race for the presidency.  There are so many cute pictures floating around now with the theme of Bernie and the bird.  I used one of them for my Nike+ run today. It is hilarious how people can add nothing more than a pair of glasses and some fuzzy white hair and everyone immediately recognizes it as Bernie Sanders.  He may not win but for sure he has the cutest campaign.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Treadmill 5 Miles

No choice but the treadmill again today.  I woke up kind of late but still did 5 miles.  I need some extra motivation to do some longer runs.  I'm really having trouble this month finding time and having motivation to do long runs on the treadmill.  So I am more or less just hanging in there.  I'm up to only 73 miles for this month.  But there is still one week left.  I should be able to get to 100 before I go home.  I will set that as my goal, even though it is much less than I had hoped for.

I was dreaming of better places while running today.  Contemplating how fascinating it would be to run all the way from here in Deadhorse to Tierra Del Fuego.  I seriously doubt that anyone has actually run the entire way, but it gave me something to think about besides the nightly bad news that I was watching on TV while I ran.

Penguins from my Tierra Del Fuego trip
I really needed to get outdoors in spite of the -10 degrees and nasty wind.  So I walked over to work tonight.  My glasses iced up, and my cheeks were really stinging because the wind was to my face.  But I'm hoping in the morning the wind will at least be to my back.  It was icy cold but kind of a nice little 1/2 mile walk. Beautiful and clear at the time too.

I did some searching on the Marathon Maniacs website and Marathon Guide to see if there were any interesting races I could do in July.  There isn't much in states where I have not run, but I did decide to do one in Utah that is predominantly downhill.  Many people hate downhill but it is always very easy for me.  So I am hoping I can make the 6 hour time limit.  It seemed worth the chance.  I also registered for my super favorite run, the Cordova King Salmon Marathon.  I loved that last year and could enjoy making that one a yearly event.  I'll drive to Whittier and take the ferry again.  It was a wonderful weekend and a wonderful friendly event.

Monday, March 21, 2016

On The Treadmill

I got down to the treadmill and put in another 5 miles.  Never seems to be enough time to go much farther because I still have to eat dinner, shower then go to work.  But I felt pretty good today.

I booked my flight to Vietnam for the Da Nang Marathon last night.  Flying Korean Air, one of my favorite airlines, via Seoul, Korea.  One day I would like to stop off in Korea, maybe for a marathon there. I'll be staying at a gorgeous hotel right by the beach and right by the marathon start / finish line, for a week.  Then I'm flying on to Tokyo so I can finally climb Mt Fuji.  It's been on my to do list for most of my life.  The timing is right, so I'll be taking another week and paying Japan another visit.  I want to climb the mountain from the shrine at the base of the mountain rather than the typical route that starts farther up at the 5th station.  On my way home I have an 11 hour layover during the day in Honolulu.  I see a visit to the beach in my future there!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

5 More Miles

I woke up really late again.  Gotta stop silencing the phone alarm and actually get out of bed! But I did get down there to the treadmill, ran 5 miles while watching the news.  Not the most uplifting thing to be watching, but at least it's keeping me informed.

If Bernie Sanders doesn't get the nomination, here's my presidential choice.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 Miles

Just another day on the treadmill.  I ran another 5 miles.  My legs have been sore for some reason so I stopped several times to stretch.  I'm probably just stiff from sitting around so much of the time.  I am quite anxious to get home then get on my way to Rome for the Rome Marathon.  It's 27 below zero outside so I'm also quite ready for some warmer weather.

It is St Patrick's Day today.  The only green I could find was one hair tie.  I don't think anyone paid much attention to what I was wearing anyway.  But at least I knew I had a touch of green for the day.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Miles

I got down there for 5 miles today.  Felt pretty good.  I'm still kind of slow and not nearly as motivated as I want to be. I try to pretend that I'm running in some beautiful place.  The treadmill even has beautiful trails that it shows on the screen, but inside I know it's not real.  Real is -18 with blowing snow.

View from my window!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Very Short Run Today

I seemed to be off schedule today simply because of the one hour time change.  When my alarm went off, it just didn't feel like time to get up. I rolled over and woke up at the same old time as before, only now it was an hour later.  So instead of at least a 5 mile run, as I typically plan, I had to stop after 3 miles so I'd have time for shower and dinner.  I was probably just feeling lazy as much as anything.

I see that the wind has changed. Instead of the windsock blowing straight out toward the west, it is now blowing straight out towards the east.  Cooled things down a bit too.  Now it's 10 below zero.  I always like a change of scene!

Friday, March 11, 2016

5 More Miles

I got my new Altra Olympus 2 shoes, 1/2 size larger than the first pair.  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill with them and they were perfect.  It's really amazing that I need shoes 2 full sizes larger than my street shoes for these running shoes. The first pair were short enough that I was hitting the end with my toes as I ran.  I could see after a few runs that I would end up losing toenails if I ran a marathon in them.  But these new ones were great and my toes didn't hit the end while I ran. So getting them was a really good move.

I watched the news while I was running because there is a TV in front of the treadmill. I was pretty horrified by what I was watching. The current presidential campaign is horrific, and during yet another of Donald Trump's campaign rallies, violence broke out between protesters and his supporters.  It sickens me that someone is running for president who daily promotes violence, hate and racism.  I just hope that in the end he is not the candidate who becomes our next president.  I can only predict disaster for our country if he is elected. It makes me really sad.  I want to live in a peaceful world, not a violent one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

5 Miles

I just ran a typical 5 mile run on the treadmill here at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel tonight. I wanted to watch the Democratic Presidential debate on Univision so had to do my run before 5 pm.  5 miles seems like a really short run after the 10 miler the other day.  I do need to get in some much longer runs.  I find it very difficult with the combination of my time constraints and with only the treadmill for my running option.  I just have to make do with what I have and look forward to next month when I will be running and walking through Italy.  I have 15 marathons on my agenda for April and May so by the time I get back here in June, I should be quite ready for my usual June trips around Colleen Lake.

Recommitment for the New Jersey Marathon with Team In Training is happening on Monday.  I already have my minimum fundraising and have already registered for the next event, Chicago Marathon in October. I've already paid the minimum for that race too, so am wondering what my next Team In Training event might be.  They must think I'm really ahead of myself!  I always want to have at least one Team In Training event in my future.

Cancer isn't going away any time soon, so please make a donation to my latest event, the Chicago Marathon in October.

Monday, March 7, 2016

10 Mile Treadmill Run

It's time to start doing longer runs.  Yes it is quite boring on the treadmill, but unfortunately it is my only option.  It's barely possible to drive outside here right now, so indoor is the only way. I was sort of dreading running 10 miles but it really wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I think I would have time to do 15 miles and still be able to squeeze in time for dinner and a shower.  At least I can watch TV while I'm on the treadmill. I was able to catch the nightly news while I was running tonight.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another Day Another 5 Miles

I had planned on farther but was happy to muddle through 5 miles on the treadmill.  There are days when I feel like I could run forever, then there are days like today when I am happy that I managed to get into my running clothes and make it down the stairs to the treadmill.  I was kind of slow and sluggish, but a poor workout is probably better than no workout at all.  I'm looking forward to a day, hopefully soon, where I feel like doing something more ambitious.  I know it's a mental issue keeping me from feeling energized.  I just have trouble really getting excited about the treadmill. I miss the great outdoors.

It's -3 here in blowing snow with a -30 wind chill.  Not too conducive to stepping outside!

Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Miles Again Today

Definitely in a rut, a 5 mile a day run.  I actually felt like doing absolutely nothing but forced myself to hit the treadmill again. I do feel better if I run.  I've only been here 4 days and I already have Prudhoe Bay Hotel Cabin Fever.  Usually it takes a little longer for that to set in.  Looks like it might be a very long month.  The wind keeps blowing, drifting snow on the roads, not fit for man or beast outside the door.  At least today I actually see the sun.  That's a plus!

I'm looking forward to the Rome Marathon next month.  That will be a good change from this strange place.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

5 Miles

On the treadmill again of course.  I had to get down there a bit earlier today because I wanted to catch the GOP Debate on TV at 5 pm. What a circus this election has become.  The candidates act like a bunch of Jr High boys fighting and calling each other names.  I can't believe these people want to be president.  It's certainly worrisome. But I'll try to take my mind off of it and run away my frustrations on the treadmill.

My candidate for president!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5 More on the Treadmill

Another day, another 5 miles on the treadmill here at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel.  I hope I can stay motivated enough to run every day while I'm up here.  As usual I have to really push myself just to get down to the exercise room.  But once I start running, I feel energized.  I seem to be a little sluggish today, but am glad I got down there and made myself move.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5 Miles On The Treadmill

I'm back up in Deadhorse now and as usual, in March, it is blowing and icy cold.  No venturing outdoors here this time of year. So I had to force myself to use the treadmill.  I am breaking in my new Altra running shoes.  Even though they are 1 1/2 sizes larger than my regular shoes, and the same size as all of my previous running shoes, I think they might be just a tiny bit too short.  My toes seem to touch the end when I run.  I'm going to order the next half size and see if they feel any better.  Considering all of the marathons on my upcoming two month break, plus the 250 mile walk along the Via Di Francesco in Italy, I sure don't want to end up losing all of my toenails.  But other than that, the wider toe box of these shoes is great.  My sore toe from the LA Marathon has finally healed and these shoes don't cause it to hurt, or tend to produce blisters and corns and the agony that I got from my Hokas.  I really like these shoes.