Saturday, March 26, 2016

5 Miles

I had a nice snowy walk this morning back from the shop where I dropped off the car.  I really had the urge to walk all 5 miles around the lake.  But I really wasn't dressed for that and needed to go to sleep.  So when I woke up I did my usual boring 5 mile treadmill run.  I keep trying to find motivation but it just doesn't seem to come.  I am really so ready to head home back to the real world.  Then very soon after, to the beautiful world of Italy. But for the next few days I have to hang in there.

I watched the news on TV while I ran.
It's been interesting watching the election returns today on the Democratic primaries. Alaska, Washington and Hawaii all went for Bernie Sanders at between 70 and 80%  I was happy to see Alaska go for my candidate even though I was not able to attend the caucus.  They don't let you vote if you can't be in your district for the caucus.  Such a weird voting system!

Yesterday the viral video was all over the Internet of the tiny bird that landed on the podium while Bernie Sanders was speaking.  It was so cute, and sure could be interpreted as a good omen for his race for the presidency.  There are so many cute pictures floating around now with the theme of Bernie and the bird.  I used one of them for my Nike+ run today. It is hilarious how people can add nothing more than a pair of glasses and some fuzzy white hair and everyone immediately recognizes it as Bernie Sanders.  He may not win but for sure he has the cutest campaign.

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