Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Treadmill 5 Miles

No choice but the treadmill again today.  I woke up kind of late but still did 5 miles.  I need some extra motivation to do some longer runs.  I'm really having trouble this month finding time and having motivation to do long runs on the treadmill.  So I am more or less just hanging in there.  I'm up to only 73 miles for this month.  But there is still one week left.  I should be able to get to 100 before I go home.  I will set that as my goal, even though it is much less than I had hoped for.

I was dreaming of better places while running today.  Contemplating how fascinating it would be to run all the way from here in Deadhorse to Tierra Del Fuego.  I seriously doubt that anyone has actually run the entire way, but it gave me something to think about besides the nightly bad news that I was watching on TV while I ran.

Penguins from my Tierra Del Fuego trip
I really needed to get outdoors in spite of the -10 degrees and nasty wind.  So I walked over to work tonight.  My glasses iced up, and my cheeks were really stinging because the wind was to my face.  But I'm hoping in the morning the wind will at least be to my back.  It was icy cold but kind of a nice little 1/2 mile walk. Beautiful and clear at the time too.

I did some searching on the Marathon Maniacs website and Marathon Guide to see if there were any interesting races I could do in July.  There isn't much in states where I have not run, but I did decide to do one in Utah that is predominantly downhill.  Many people hate downhill but it is always very easy for me.  So I am hoping I can make the 6 hour time limit.  It seemed worth the chance.  I also registered for my super favorite run, the Cordova King Salmon Marathon.  I loved that last year and could enjoy making that one a yearly event.  I'll drive to Whittier and take the ferry again.  It was a wonderful weekend and a wonderful friendly event.

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