Saturday, May 28, 2011

Training On Hold

Well, looks like I may be out of commission for a little while.  I got stomped by a moose on Monday, May 23rd while working in my yard.  I have lots of broken ribs and a broken right collarbone plus serious soft tissue damage to my right shoulder and bruises all over everything else.  I have a hoof print on my forehead as a constant reminder.  Poor momma moose had to get killed when she charged again while troopers were helping me.  She missed me by inches and they shot her 10 feet from my body.  I'm quite sore, spent one night in the hospital and have been struggling all week just to move.  Heading up to Deadhorse on Tuesday May 31st and hope to at least be able to ride the stationary bike or something.  It's not looking real good for the Hatcher Pass Marathon but if I can, I will consider walking it.

Got a photo of the moose the night before the attack.  She has two calves that were rescued by the Moose Federation and I am trying to link up with them to offer help and financial assistance.
Here is momma, may she rest in peace.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hill Hiking

I didn't get a chance to actually run yesterday but did do a couple of nice hikes at Eklutna Lake.  The Lakeside Trail is pretty flat, a nice casual warmup hike - gorgeous too:

But after that Diane and I hiked up the Twin Peaks Trail to the overlook and got a nice look at the entire lake.  What a spectacular view that is.  Nice steep trail too.  It was a good workout even though it was not a run, only a hike.  But a good one.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Miles on the Hills

I tackled the hills again, up and down from Wolverine Creek.  Moving really slowly, but I sure need the hills.  It was spectacular out there today.  Beautiful with the new spring leaves on the trees.  They have such a bright yellow green color this time of year.  I hope this nice weather holds.  It's really nice to be able to run in the bright sunshine even if it was still only in the high 30's this morning when I went for my 5 mile run.  Now it is windy and cloudy so tomorrow may not be quite so nice.

Pioneer Peak and the new leaves of spring.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Up and Down the Hills

Did only 5 miles again today.  Still not feeling too well.  But I really need to take full advantage of the big hills on Wolverine Road while I have them.  In June I just have the flat land of the North Slope although I think if I drive about 50 miles south there is a good hill there.  I hope to do that at least once a week while I am there.  There is so much work to do lately that I never seem to have the time that I really want to dedicate to long distance running.  I hope to at least do Lazy Mountain again this month or maybe even Matanuska Peak.  It looks like there is enough snow gone now to do Matanuska Peak, but I would like some company for that one.  I may break down and do it solo.  It wouldn't be the first time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5 Miles

I'm a weekend overdue for posting here.  I did get in a 5 mile run back on Friday the 13th.  Just been so busy lately that I can't even keep up with this little blog.  I went to Soldotna on Saturday for our Secular Franciscan meeting then on to Homer that night.  Camped on the spit and drove home today.  No running this weekend.  In fact I was kind of sick all weekend.  The weather was pretty dreary so not great for photography, which was a little disappointing.  But I did get a couple of good eagle shots and a cute one of the little Ninilchik church.  Hoping to be a little more productive the rest of the month.  Lots of yard work still to do before I head back to Deadhorse on the 29th.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 Mile Run + Lazy Mountain Climb

Just a short run today.  But I think I will go for a hike or something.  There might be enough snow up at Hatcher Pass to actually get out the cross country skis for a final chance for the season.

Well, that didn't quite happen.  I didn't bring my skis and when I got up to Hatcher Pass I found so much snow that skis would be the only choice.  On my way back home I thought I would just have a peek at the Lazy Mountain trail.  Next thing I knew, 2 hours later I was on the top.  What a muddy steep mess that climb was.  But it felt great and it was exciting to finally get up there again.  THAT was a hill workout.  3700 at the top.  Snowing a bit up there and pretty windy and chilly.  Now I need to do that about 10 more times before going back to Deadhorse.

Got this great shot with my cell phone of the view from the top towards Matanuska Peak. 

As you can see, Hatcher Pass is still skis only!


I ran the hills on Wolverine Road yesterday.  Only did 5 miles, but up and down from Wolverine Creek is a good workout.  I need to do it more though.  Seems I am so tied up with other things that my workouts are lacking.  I need a moose or a bear to be running after me. 
Took a nice flight up to the glacier in the afternoon though.  How amazing it was up there.  Feeling just as rusty with flying as I am with running lately though.  Never seem to find enough time.

The flight was well worth it though.  Wow!