Monday, August 31, 2009

Ran 4 Miles Today

I have been running outdoors but today was pouring rain and barely above freezing, plus the wind was howling. So, I ran my 4 mile short run inside on the treadmill. It turned out to be a very good workout! I found that if I feel tired, the treamill belt just keeps right on going. Not quite as easy to slow down and relax like I get tempted to do when outside running. So, I think alternating between outside and the treadmill might not be such a bad idea. The weather up here on the North Slope of Alaska will force me to run indoors sometimes so I guess it is a good thing!
Go Team!

Training on the North Slope of Alaska

I am training hard for the PF Chang's Marathon in Phoenix, in January 2010 with Team In Training to raise money for much needed research to help cure blood cancers like Leukemia & Lymphoma. I try to run everyday up here in Prudhoe Bay, either outdoors when the weather allows, or inside on the treadmill when the wind, rain, and snow won't let me outside.

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