Friday, February 24, 2012

Catching Up

Well, I have been gone to Africa for a couple of weeks.  It was amazing over there but unfortunately I caught some miserable bug that caused me to abort the Kilimanjaro climb.  I did get to Kibo camp at 15,000 feet but was too sick to continue.  Naturally the assumption was altitude sickness, but that turned out to not be the case at all.  I didn't recover when they brought me to the lower camp.  Antibiotics finally helped and I was able to continue on the safari.  I intend to return next winter and do the climb again. 

I have been sort of weak since I got home but today I did go do a short 5 mile run at the sports center.  I have had a lot of business to catch up on this week so my training is somewhat on hold.  I go back up to Prudhoe Bay on February 29th and then I will get back into serious training for the Madrid Marathon and all future Team In Training events.

I have come to a complete halt in donations for my Team In Training fund, with only 50% of the required minimum at this point.  I do hope that by the time of the event, I have reached my minimum.  Any donations large or small will certainly be appreciated.  Please make a donation to my fundraising page to help with this very worthy cause: