Sunday, December 9, 2018

Treadmill Again

It was a slow and relaxing treadmill workout, not going for any kind of speed.  Just hoping to keep moving for 5 miles while watching Big Bang Theory and running to a crazy playlist on my phone.  Too cold for man or beast outside. Too dark too.

Not much motivation lately.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Treadmill 5 Miles

I'm not very motivated this month.  It's dark and cold outside.  But I forced myself to wander downstairs to the treadmill here at work.  Not the best run, but better than no run, I suppose.  I had some interruptions.  But did finish 5 miles. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Treadmill 5 Miles

I'm back up in Deadhorse for all of December.  I'm still trying to pull myself together after getting shaken vigorously by the 7.0 earthquake that knocked me off my feet on Friday, the 30th.  I barely made it up to work because the quake tore up the Glenn Highway, closing it in several places, plus the airport itself was also closed.  But the airport opened at noon and I hopped in the car, hoping the road was also passable.  I got to the airport and caught my flight.  But I think I'm still shaking just from remembering that nightmarish incident!

I took a couple of days off from running to settle my nerves.  But today I decided to start training again.  It will all be on the treadmill this month because running outdoors in the dark on the ice road is not really possible.  I felt OK and had a fairly good treadmill run.  I'll try to run every day this month if possible.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Polar Bear Marathon

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  Coldest marathon ever!  -2F and lower with wind that blew nonstop at 40 knots and more. I was bundled up from head to toe with my hat and a borrowed hat pulled down to my upper eyelashes, plus neck gaiter and face mask pulled up to my lower eyelashes. I couldn't wear my glasses because they fogged up immediately. 

There were 18 runners total but only 6 ran the full marathon.  We had to run in groups of two, and each couple had a support vehicle for protection.  My friend Vickie from Arkansas was my partner.  She was a faster runner, and I still feel bad that I made it more difficult for her.  I could only run as fast as I was able.  The strong wind actually blew me right off the road a few times.  Our vehicle was there to give us water and a little food, but it was nearly impossible to eat or drink in the conditions and through all of the protective clothing. I only had three drinks of water and a handful of soft candy that I was carrying.

As usual I came in last. But only about a minute after Vickie, because she was forced to run at my slow pace.  But we made it.  Many times along the way I felt that we should stop.  But knowing it was not impossible, I kept on in spite of the cold.  Final time was 7:39

I have several areas of frostbite on my face right below my eyes. Only an area below my left eye actually blistered. But none of it is serious and won't leave a scar.

Was it worth it YES!  It was tough and a challenge.  I wear my frostbite with pride!

Me in the black coat with no face!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

On Skis

Winter is more or less officially here now.  So many of my workouts will be on skis.  I went to the Government Peak Trails today with Diane, my friend from Anchorage.  We found some of the best skiing conditions I have ever seen.  What a fabulous place to ski.  It was kind of gloomy and gray out with a bit of wind.  But it was also right around 30 degrees, a nice temperature for being outside.

It was a good warm up exercise for next week's Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill, Manitoba.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was a wonderful race for me.  I was seriously worried that I wouldn't make the 6:30 time limit because I have been so slow the last couple of years.  But when I did 6:07 last weekend, in San Jose, I felt there might be hope after all.  I made it a quick trip to Indianapolis, with only the gear check bag from a previous marathon as my luggage.  Just tossed in my running clothes and my little Ziploc bag of toiletries and put my change of clothes in it for the gear check at this one.  I didn't want to stay over another night, so simply called Uber at the finish line and went straight to the airport and home.

It was a chilly morning at 35 degrees and I wondered if I would be too cold. But I did wear some lightweight leggings and a long sleeve T shirt plus my windbreaker.  It turned out to be the perfect combination.  I've had a goal of beating 6 hours, for a long time. I finally reached that goal today with a finish time of 5:57:17.  I didn't beat my goal by much, but I was quite thrilled.  Now I hope to one day reach 5:30 again.

Indiana was my 45th state and marathon number 119.  I hope to complete the states in 2019.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

ZombieRunner Marathon

ZombieRunner Marathon, San Jose, California.

What a fabulous marathon!  The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny with just the right amount of cooling breezes.  It was a little hilly but no steep or long hills.  Only 31 runners finished the full marathon.  As is quite typical, I was dead last. But, I still won a medal for first in my age group. 

People were encouraged to wear costumes for Halloween.  So I dressed in my Hello Kitty outfit. I enjoyed being a little silly.  My awesome step family was out there to cheer me at the start and the finish too. Their signs were hilarious.  I was wondering if I could improve my time enough to feel comfortable running in Indianapolis next weekend.  The Indianapolis race has a 6:30 time limit.  In Wisconsin two weeks ago I took 6:57.  But today I surprised myself with a time of 6:07!  I improved by 50 minutes!  This race was warmer with more hills, so I feel encouraged about next week.

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