Sunday, October 29, 2017

Polar Circle Half Marathon

I couldn't resist the idea of the Polar Bear Challenge, which is the full marathon on day 1 and the half marathon on day 2.  I completed both, even being a little sore from tripping yesterday and being kind of tired as well.  It was warmer today and the ice cap was extremely slippery because it had water running on it. Many people were slipping and falling, but my awesome ice grippers kept me upright the whole time.  The hills on this race are real killers though.  I can move well downhill but really slow down on the uphills.  But I'm just happy that at age 71 I'm able to run at all.  I love Greenland and it's exciting to visit interesting places like that.  It's a beautiful world!

The medals are beautiful for this series of races.  One for each race and one for the Polar Bear Challenge.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Polar Circle Marathon

Wow what a beautiful and difficult course!  I finished but at 7:05:35 which is 05:35 past the time limit.  So I'm battling with them to get my time official so I can count Greenland in my Marathon Globetrotters country count.  I have my medal and an official chip time so I think it should be published in the finisher's result, like ALL OTHER RACES DO!

But either way, it was an interesting race and fun meeting so many people from all over the world.  I did trip on a rock and ended up with a couple of stitches to my left eyebrow.  But it didn't stop me from continuing on for another 20 miles. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Grand Rapids Marathon

Well, that was one brutal marathon experience!  It was pouring rain most of the way and winds reached 40 mph or more.  There were places where the water was over my ankles.  It wasn't terribly cold, around 55 degrees or a bit less, but when soaking wet with the wind chill.  I got pretty cold. I ended up wrapped in a space blanket and extra plastic rain poncho by the time I finally reached the finish line.  I was much slower than I had hoped. Very discouraging too because I am still hoping to beat my time next week at the Polar Circle Marathon.  I'm trying not to get discouraged.  But I can only do what I can do.  I've tried my best to pick up the speed.  At least there I won't be running in shorts and a T-shirt.  I'll be bundled up for what will obviously be very cold weather.  Today's run was certainly a good long run for training.  Hoping for the best in Greenland.

I can check off Michigan now in my quest to finish the 60 states.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

5 Mile Run

Finally a decent enough day to actually run directly from my house.  It has been pouring rain up until today.  It was even raining a little today but it was still OK.  I ran to Wolverine Creek and back.  I felt great the whole way even up and down the very steep hills. The larch trees in fall color were gorgeous. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Eklutna Lake Hike

I didn't actually run today but still got a great and very beautiful workout. I hiked the Eklutna Lakeside Trail to the Bold Creek Trailhead and back for a nice 10 miles.  It didn't record properly with my Nike+ app but I know the distance.  I've been so busy with house and yard projects that most of my workouts have involved my chainsaw, lawnmower and other heavy equipment.  Not much running though.

I loved seeing what's left of the fall colors.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

5 Miles Indoors

Another dreary, wet, foggy, nasty day outdoors. So I ran 5 miles on the treadmill here at the hotel. The first couple miles were slow and I thought I might fall asleep out of boredom. But by the time I started into mile 3, I started to wake up and move faster. I listened to music and watched Big Bang Theory on TV.  It started out slowly but by the time I was done, I felt pretty good. At least it was better than just hanging out in my room watching the news.  I'm into my last week here at work so I'm hoping I'll get some nice long runs in once I get home.  In two weeks I'll be flying to Michigan for the Grand Rapids Marathon, so at least I'll get a nice long run that day.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Treadmill Workout Today

Humm, 36 degrees, muddy and a 40 mph wind blowing.  So I was forced to run on the treadmill today.  It was not my best workout because I didn't sleep well and was really tired.  But I did cover 5 miles, slowly, but surely.  Even a poor run is better than no run at all I guess.  I'll be home in a week then I can run outdoors again.  I'm so looking forward to that!