Saturday, October 31, 2015

Campbell Creek

A beautiful hike with Diane and Sombra along the Campbell Creek Trail in Anchorage. Some snow on the trail but not enough for skis yet. A lovely day to be outdoors in the cool air.

Happy Halloween!

Campbell Creek

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marine Corps Marathon

And finally after months of fundraising and sporadic training (I'm sorry to say) I am finally here in Washington DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon with Team In Training.  It was a fantastic race.  I felt quite pressured though for several reasons.  Of course I was a little worried that the last 8 races might have taken their toll on me, plus this race did have a time limit.  More than the overall time limit there was an additional time limit of beating the bridge at mile 20 by the 5 hour point.  But we all got quite delayed at the start because of some problem with security that kept all 30,000 runners huddled in a big pile about half a mile from the start line.  When I finally got through that mess it was about 20 minutes after the start.  So I pushed myself with everything I had and was able to get past that bridge in time.  I ran the entire race with no walking except for a couple of hills and to drink at the aid stations.  I was quite tired at the end.  But so happy that I finished.  I was seriously worried that I would not make it.

We ran past all of the famous DC monuments, the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc. Many active marines were there to give us our medals and pass out water and Gatorade along the way. It was really a grand experience.

The inspiration dinner with the team was fun and I enjoyed having the coaches run along with me at times.  Now I need to find my next Team In Training event.  I haven't decided on one yet.  But I do have a run in New Zealand in November, and one in Haiti for January.  I also signed up for another 7 states 7 days with Mainly Marathons for May and Ottawa for May 29th.  I'm sure I will be throwing in a few more before May.

The Medal
White House
Washington Monument
The Team

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 7 Alabama

They truly saved the best for last.  This was a beautiful course all along a lake. Since it was the last one and such a lovely course, I decided to just take my time.  I linked up with a gal named Mary and we talked and walked almost the entire course. We took pictures of birds and enjoyed the view as we discussed practically our entire lives!  Now we are new Facebook friends and I'm sure we will meet again somewhere along the marathon course.  I got to go back to the same hotel where I stayed last night and catch up on my sleep before starting my long drive back to Washington DC where I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon a week from today.

Guntersville, Alabama
Now I have completed all 7 states and attached all of my little state medals along with my finisher of all 7 medal and the 2015 medal to the bottom.  This has to be the longest marathon medal ever.  It hangs almost to my ankles when I put it around my neck.  I love it!

7 Marathons 7 States 7 Days

Friday, October 16, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 6 Georgia

And now we ran in Georgia.  Today's run was in Dalton Georgia through a lovely wooded park.  I actually was able to pick up my pace a little today. Since there is no time limit to these races, it's often tempting to simply slow down to a walk.  I did walk for a while with Ila.  But apparently she was tougher than me today because she finally left me in the dust.  I can tell it is starting to wear on me a bit, but what else could I expect.  I am surprised that I am actually able to do it at all really.  I'll be off to Alabama after the race and do my final run for the week tomorrow.

Dalton, Georgia

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 5 South Carolina

And on to South Carolina.  Today we ran in Seneca, South Carolina.  This place wasn't quite as scenic, but was just a loop round a sports complex.  The weather was nice, but it wasn't quite as pleasant scenery wise.  It really does help to have a beautiful creek running along beside you.  But at least it was a nice place to run.  I never found any great view so just took a picture of the little state medal that they gave us.  For each state we receive a small metal in the shape of the state and each one attaches to the previous on, making a string of the 7 states all hanging from the big medal.  It's very cute.

South Carolina

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 4 North Carolina

Morganton, North Carolina today.  Once again along a river.  I love running along waterways because they always have a cooling breeze and lots of birds and colorful natural surroundings.  I;ll take a marathon in a beautiful scenic park versus a big city run any day.  It's kind of like a fast 26.2 mile walk in the park with a bunch of new friends!

Catawba River Greenway Park

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 3 Tennessee

Today's race was in Tennessee at Steele Creek Park, Bristol.  What a beautiful place.  We ran along the creek and the fall colors were amazing.  I ran along part of the way with Ila.  It's really fun seeing the same people every day as we form friendships along the course.  I am happy to see that I really don't feel any more tired today than yesterday.  I guess your body just gets used to the idea that each morning, off to another marathon.  Again I checked out of my hotel and will head to North Carolina for the night.

Bristol Tennessee

Monday, October 12, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 2 Virginia

Another day another marathon and yes, the same course as yesterday.  And it was just as pleasant as yesterday.  I did notice I was a bit slower.  I expect that will be the case most of the days because running back to back marathons doesn't allow much time for recovery.  I checked out of my hotel this morning and after the race jumped in the car and moved on to the next state.

The weather was a little nicer today and a little warmer too.

Bluefield Park

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 1 West Virginia

And now I start my 7 marathons 7 days 7 states with West Virginia with Mainly Marathons.
Today we ran loops at the Bluefield Park.  It was really fun and a beautiful place with the beginnings of fall colors.  I had several friends there and although it was a marathon, in many ways it was more of a marathon party that I knew would last for a whole week.  I think I gained weight on the course because the food at the turning point was so plentiful and tasty. I get to stay at the same hotel tonight because tomorrow's race is in exactly the same place.  The course started in West Virginia and ended in Virginia, so it can be counted as either state.  So how easy is that - simply run it two days in a row and get two states!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jersey Marathon

A beautiful marathon on the Island of Jersey in the English Channel between England and France. We also had our Marathon Globetrotters meeting the night before.

I was definitely a little out of shape for this one.  The weather in Deadhorse all of September had not been conducive to running outdoors and I found that I had low ambition for use of the treadmill.  I knew my lack of training would have an adverse effect on my performance in Jersey, and it did.  But it was still a great race and a beautiful course.  I finished last along with Kevin Brosi, with the two sweepers close behind us on their bicycles.  But in many ways, that made the run even more enjoyable.  I didn't wear myself out to the point of total exhaustion and enjoyed my conversations along the way with Kevin and the sweepers, and of course the camaraderie of the other Globetrotters.

At the finish line