Saturday, October 17, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 7 Alabama

They truly saved the best for last.  This was a beautiful course all along a lake. Since it was the last one and such a lovely course, I decided to just take my time.  I linked up with a gal named Mary and we talked and walked almost the entire course. We took pictures of birds and enjoyed the view as we discussed practically our entire lives!  Now we are new Facebook friends and I'm sure we will meet again somewhere along the marathon course.  I got to go back to the same hotel where I stayed last night and catch up on my sleep before starting my long drive back to Washington DC where I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon a week from today.

Guntersville, Alabama
Now I have completed all 7 states and attached all of my little state medals along with my finisher of all 7 medal and the 2015 medal to the bottom.  This has to be the longest marathon medal ever.  It hangs almost to my ankles when I put it around my neck.  I love it!

7 Marathons 7 States 7 Days

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