Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jersey Marathon

A beautiful marathon on the Island of Jersey in the English Channel between England and France. We also had our Marathon Globetrotters meeting the night before.

I was definitely a little out of shape for this one.  The weather in Deadhorse all of September had not been conducive to running outdoors and I found that I had low ambition for use of the treadmill.  I knew my lack of training would have an adverse effect on my performance in Jersey, and it did.  But it was still a great race and a beautiful course.  I finished last along with Kevin Brosi, with the two sweepers close behind us on their bicycles.  But in many ways, that made the run even more enjoyable.  I didn't wear myself out to the point of total exhaustion and enjoyed my conversations along the way with Kevin and the sweepers, and of course the camaraderie of the other Globetrotters.

At the finish line

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