Sunday, October 11, 2015

Appalachian Series Day 1 West Virginia

And now I start my 7 marathons 7 days 7 states with West Virginia with Mainly Marathons.
Today we ran loops at the Bluefield Park.  It was really fun and a beautiful place with the beginnings of fall colors.  I had several friends there and although it was a marathon, in many ways it was more of a marathon party that I knew would last for a whole week.  I think I gained weight on the course because the food at the turning point was so plentiful and tasty. I get to stay at the same hotel tonight because tomorrow's race is in exactly the same place.  The course started in West Virginia and ended in Virginia, so it can be counted as either state.  So how easy is that - simply run it two days in a row and get two states!


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