Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today is Easter and I am here at work in Deadhorse.  Not much celebration of the holiday up here. Of course there is the usual extra amount of food, always characteristic of any holidays.  But in reality the extra food was mostly in the dessert category.  I ended up eating the usual salad and small amount of fish. When I saw the dessert table in the dining room though, I was prompted to not be lazy, and I did go do my usual 5 mile treadmill run.  I really wasn't feeling very well, so it wasn't one of my finest workouts.  I did make it through the 5 miles though.

I created an Easter message using one of my photos from my trip to Fatima, Portugal along with the typical Russian Easter greeting. I have always loved the way Russians greet each other at Easter.  The don't say Happy Easter.  Instead they say "Christ Is Risen" to which the person addressed replies "Indeed He Is Risen!"

I miss the interaction with my church in Palmer during Holy Week.  It's a special time and when it falls during March I always feel a little deprived.  Of course I also miss the peeps and Cadbury eggs, but I probably don't really need them!

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