Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back On The Treadmill

I'm back up in Deadhorse again so it's back on the treadmill again.  Today would have been a beautiful day to run outdoors but there just is no logical place to do it.  The temperature is 1 degree Fahrenheit and there is almost no wind.  But I know running out there on the road would be suicide.
I was feeling a bit sluggish too.  I know I didn't get enough sleep.  First shift back working nights, still with a little jet lag and tired from all the marathons last month. I'm happy to have achieved 4 stars with Marathon Maniacs. It will be a very long haul for me to ever reach the 10 stars that so many of them have. 

But I have to push myself to pick up the pace and do longer runs.  I seem to be losing ground rather than improving.  So I am going to concentrate on improvement this month.

I signed up for the Rio de Janeiro Marathon in July and will probably try to sneak in one more state in addition to the New York City Marathon assuming Team In Training really does do that one. With so many out of the country runs, I will be pretty slow accumulating all 50 states now that I am an official member of the 50 States Marathon Club. But I would like to pick up a couple this year.  I will get two more continents with the Japan and Brazil runs.  That's exciting.  But the most exciting thing will be if I can start showing a little improvement.  Being too slow is frustrating.  I don't care to break any records, but I don't like to have the prospect of finishing becoming an issue on some of these runs.  I am happy just to finish and especially when I can run for charity.  I'm anxiously awaiting official word on the New York City Marathon with Team In Training Flex. 

I added another row of hooks on the log where I hang my Marathon Medals. It's very cute.
34 Marathons Completed

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