Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Denali Highway Bike Trip

Now for a little cross training!  I think I will make this an annual event, and this was the second year for the event.  Mark Simpson drove and I rode my bicycle from Cantwell to Paxson along the Denali Highway.  It was fabulous and so was the weather.  We left the morning after the marathon and somehow I managed to ride for about 25 miles before we camped.  My legs felt really tired, but that first part is relatively flat so it was actually pretty pleasant.  We spent 3 days and camped in his camper the two nights.  I think I was a little slower than last year.  It's actually amazing that I could do it at all because so far this summer I was only on my bike one other time, just a 10 mile out and back at Eklutna Lake and I was felling pretty lousy on that ride too!  But I managed the hills up from the two rivers fairly well and managed to avoid a couple of rain showers that Mark ran into.  The showers were obviously faster than I was!  135 miles on the bike right after the marathon.  That's what I call cross training!

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