Sunday, August 17, 2014

Big Wild Life Marathon

Wow, I did it, I even beat 6 hours.  I really pushed hard the whole way.  My time ended up being 5:53:41.  I can't say that I am extremely pleased with that time.  But at least I can be happy that I did beat 6 hours.  Lisbon Marathon is coming up in October and it has a 6 hour limit.  So that has to continue to be my goal.  I felt better this time than any of the other times I have done this race.  I think it helped to not climb a serious mountain the day before like I did last year.  Or, run the Matanuska Peak Challenge the week before as I did the year before.  I just took it easy on Saturday and it paid off.

I got second in my age class, although there were only three of us.  But it was still cool to place.  I got a little coffee mug, a ribbon, and a key ring of an Alaska Map.  Very cute.

I saw Diane who was doing the walk, and my two speedy friends, Jill and Jennifer who ran the ultra.  Next year my goal is to do the ultra.  It's 49 k and if I can be in decent shape it would be awesome to do that.  But this year I was just happy to finish in a respectable time.  Diane and I went to her house and relaxed in the hot tub then she treated me to a delicious salmon dinner. 

I wondered if I might have had a little help from above on the race.  I got there at 7 am even though the race doesn't start until 9.  I found a wonderful parking place a block from the start line.  Ironically it was right in front of Holy Family Cathedral.  A man out front told me that mass stated at 7:30.  I didn't get to go to mass this morning because of the marathon so found a seat near the back and got to calm my nerves and spirit at mass there at Holy Family.  I probably looked a little odd in my running dress wearing a number.  But it was awesome!  I had plenty of time to grab my stuff from my car and make it to the start line in time. 

At the Finish

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