Thursday, June 12, 2014


It finally was nice enough to venture outdoors today for a run.  But I wasn't exactly thinking when I walked out the door.  Even someone who doesn't report the weather for a living, would have taken one look at the sky and realized that - well it just might rain!

And rain it did.  As soon as I had gone a little over a mile, it started to pour.  The rain itself and getting wet were not really a big problem.  But I run with my cell phone and of course didn't bring my rain jacket or at least a plastic bag for my phone.  So I knew it wouldn't be too long before me and my phone would be soaked.  So I stopped the run.  But I did drive around and check out the road conditions.  They are starting to look really good for running.  Tomorrow the forecast is for sunshine, so I am going to try for a run around the lake.  I'm bringing a plastic bag for my phone and maybe even a raincoat just in case. 

I did see a very peaceful Long Tailed Jaeger resting comfortable on the road.  He was kind enough to pose for me long enough to get a picture. Maybe spring is finally here on the North Slope, now that summer is almost here according to the calendar.

Long Tailed Jaeger

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