Friday, June 27, 2014


Well, it was raining and too foggy to be safe around here, not to mention really windy and only 35 degrees.  So I crawled down to the treadmill and forced myself to enjoy it.  And I did enjoy it!  I only had time for 4 miles.  I noticed my calves were really hurting today, which seemed kind of odd.  I think I will take my calf compression sleeves with me to Nunavut next week.  They never used to bother me like that, but this month I have been noticing it.  I think maybe I just need more stretching in general.

I have to laugh at myself considering that the weather was not good enough to run outdoors.  Next week I am running the Northwest Passage Marathon which is considerably farther north and most likely just as cold, windy and maybe even rainy or snowy.  But there is a difference.  Up there, I won't have to worry about being hit by a big truck in the fog.  I have decided on the 50K ultramarathon too since they tell me they don't enforce a time limit.  It may be my best chance to actually run an ultra.  There are only 9 of us actually running in the marathon.  I'm sure I will be proudly bringing up the rear, hopefully not with a polar bear running after me!

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