Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Push

Actually I probably need a big push, like a full grown Bengal Tiger chasing after me.  But I did force myself, against all the lazy voices inside of me, to get down to the treadmill and do something.  I ran 3 miles yesterday so pushed it up to 4 today.  I practiced doing sprints and was happy to see that I am capable of running much faster, at least for 1 or 2 minute bursts.  I know that is the recommended method for increasing speed, so I'm going to try to keep that in mind as I try to ignore the lazy voices inside my head.  It's really still a little too disgusting outdoors to do any kind of useful running. So I will stick with the treadmill for a while longer.  At least with it I can force myself to run faster. I may not ever get up to the speed I would like, but at least I would like to get back to the speed I was able to run the last few years.  I've been letting too many other things interfere with my workouts and it is really starting to show.  Gotta MOVE!!!

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