Monday, June 2, 2014

5 More on the Treadmill

Oh so boring really, running on the treadmill and dreaming of the great outdoors.  But outside of this building it is currently the mud capital of the world.  It fluctuates between snowing and slightly above freezing and the permafrost keeps any snowmelt from sinking into the ground.  We have 24 hours of daylight but the clouds never go away long enough to see the sun.  I'm hoping that soon things will dry out and warm up enough that I can go back to running around Colleen Lake, my favorite run around here. 

I booked my flight to Rio de Janeiro last night so I can run the Maratona do Rio on July 27th. It has a 6 hour time limit which spurs me on to make sure I am in good enough shape that I don't have to crawl to the finish line or be picked up by the sweep vehicle and not get to finish.  At least one saving grace of the treadmill is that I can force myself to run faster by cranking up the speed.  But it sure isn't as much fun as running outside!

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