Friday, June 20, 2014


I drove down the Dalton hoping to get out of the howling icy cold wind and corresponding fog.  20 miles to the south I stepped out of the car and was nearly blown over by the wind.  Suddenly I simply lost interest.  It was also getting pretty late so I just decided to forget it for today.

On my way back to Deadhorse I saw something moving off to the right side of the road.  On closer inspection, I found that there were a couple of full grown grizzly bears busy digging poor unfortunate little creatures out of the tundra.  It was cute to watch them because they seemed to work together.  One would start digging and the other one would quickly run over and join in.  I stayed safely in the car but did get a few cute pictures of them.

 I really wasn't too interested in running with them!

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