Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ice Services 5K Fun Run

It was really a horrible looking day when I got off work this morning.  34 degrees with a 30 knot wind and sort of misting out there making it quite dark and dank with low fog.  But I decided to go ahead and run the morning fun run.  It's something to do anyway and it does force me to exercise.  In this weather sometimes I need a little prodding.

It was pretty cold but mainly only bad in one direction.  I just ran it once and got my T-shirt. But vowed to come back in the evening and do the evening one. So, just about 3 miles on this one.
The T-Shirt Logo
After a good sleep and a bite to eat, I went back out there and did the second run at 6pm.  The weather was about the same only a few degrees warmer and a few mph stronger wind.  Two friends wanted T-shirts but couldn't do the run so I got ambitious and ran it twice.  The last lap back to the building was blowing so hard I could barely stand up let alone run.  But I made it and got my two T-shirts.  At least I got in a really nice run of about 9 miles total today.  I really should force myself to get out there even when it is awful weather.  It was tolerable.
There Really is Ice Out There!
On the drive back to the hotel I saw a lone caribou by Colleen Lake and stopped to take a few pictures.
Lone Caribou
The weather continues to be dismal though.  This is the midnight sun at midnight 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle on summer solstice.  Not too impressive!
Midnight June 21, 2014

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