Saturday, June 14, 2014

Along the Dalton

It was another beautiful day but I ended up wasting too much of it by enjoying my sleep time too much.  I usually wake up by 2 pm but this morning I had a hard time turning off my brain so didn't fall asleep until quite late in the morning.  So I didn't wake up until 4 pm. I like to wait an hour or so before running, so by the time I was ready for a run, it was after 6 pm.  The wind came up and the fog rolled in quickly changing the 50 degree sunny weather into something in the high 30's with almost zero visibility.  But I still wanted to get outside.  I grabbed my camera and drove down the road until I was finally out of the fog.  That was about 20 miles down by Caren Pond.  I parked there and ran for a chilly but invigorating 3 miles.  I probably would have stayed longer but I had to get back to go to work.  I even missed out on dinner, but let a bowl of granola take its place. 

The fog seems to be getting thicker and the temperature staying below freezing again.  I hope that doesn't signal the end of summer!

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