Sunday, June 8, 2014

Slow Slow Slow

Oh my, I was really poking along on the treadmill today.  I felt tired but honestly, I think I was just bored.  I am dying to go outside and run.  But so far the conditions just are not good enough out there.  The mud is so thick.  I may try to find a place to run outdoors tomorrow even if it isn't a good place. I am getting worried about my ability to train, not because I'm not physically capable, but because my mind doesn't seem to be capable right now.  Not sure what I need, but a little fresh air and sunshine would probably not hurt.

I guess I will at least walk to work tonight.  Hoping the fog lifts.  It's not terribly inviting out there.  I miss the flowers, trees and mountains of Japan.
Along the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Trail
Actually, I miss the flowers, trees and mountains of Alaska too. There is quite the absence of such things here in Deadhorse right now!

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