Monday, December 22, 2014

Short & Sweet

Today I did a very short run.  By the time I got done with everything else I needed to do, all I could do was grab a quick two miles on the treadmill.  I did try to speed it up though.  It felt good.  But I need to run some long runs.  There never seems to be enough time because they expect me to go to work every night!  What I need is a treadmill here in the weather office so I can just run all night!

I have been busy uploading more and more of my photos for sale to my new Facebook Page for my photography cancer fundraising business. I did sell my Barrow photo today.  I wish I could sell a lot more because the cost of each sale goes directly to my Team In Training fundraiser.

This is the Barrow photo, taken right on the beach in Barrow, Alaska.  It's a very special spot. Click the picture and you can donate to fight cancer!

Barrow Alaska

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