Sunday, December 28, 2014

4 Miles This Time

My routine has always been to have a light breakfast, wait an hour or so, then run the treadmill.  Tonight I tried skipping breakfast.  I was able to run but didn't feel very good doing it.  I really need something to eat after at least 8 hours of no food so that I have enough energy for a good run.  I felt slow and sluggish and happy to stop.  I did run 4 miles instead of only 3 as I've done most of this month.  I would sure love to wake up early enough to do at least 10 miles.  But lately it takes too long for me to get to sleep.  So sacrificing sleep may not be the best performance enhancing technique.  I will only be up here in Deadhorse for a few more days so I will try to find a way to get in some longer runs.  It still might not be too beneficial to try to run outdoors but at least I will have the option of the sports center.  I'm definitely lacking in ambition right now.  I hope I can get out of this slump!

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