Saturday, July 26, 2014

6 Mile Run 10 Mile Hike

I run this morning on the bike trail north of Wasilla with my Valley Renegades friends.  It was so nice just to see Terri and Becky again.  I have so rarely been home that I never get to see anyone anymore.  I misunderstood the meeting place though and ended up starting 20 minutes late.  Terri said Gorilla Fireworks.  I parked there for 20 minutes then realized there was a tiny "Lil" written above the Gorilla sign. So I drove about a half mile up the road and there was the real Gorilla Fireworks.  But Becky and Terri were walk/running so I passed them as they were coming back at my 2 1/2 mile mark.  I kept on until I reached 3 then turned around.  They still beat me back to the cars but not by very much.  It was quite hot but there was a nice cooling breeze blowing.  I felt much better than I did last week on that 5 mile run.  I have been gone dip-netting and other things so this was the first time I've had a chance to run since that run to Wolverine Creek.  I feel quite recovered now.

Actually tomorrow I should be running the Rio de Janeiro Marathon.  But I found out too late that I need a visa to go to Brazil.  So I had to cancel that trip. I learned an important lesson about international travel though.  I doubt I will make that mistake again.

This afternoon I went up to Eklutna Lake and hiked all the way to Bold Creek.  It was a beautiful day with a few short showers to make it more interesting.  It has been quite a while since I have walked all the way to mile 5 and back.  I always seem to turn back at mile 3.  So it was nice to get in the 10 mile hike for a change.

Eklutna Lake

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