Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Today

For some reason, today was hard for me.  I got up a little earlier than usual, probably too early.  My 5 mile run on the treadmill seemed to drag, but I did manage to get through it.  Could be it's just mental based on the dreary sight I see when I look out the window today.  I really want to run outdoors but today can be described only by words such as dank, dark, dreary, dismal, and the most descriptive - slimy.  It is so muddy out there yet not even really raining.  With the permafrost, the water is just standing everywhere and the road is incredibly slippery. I think a person could disappear and drown in mud out there today.  So of course, I had to relegate my run once more to the treadmill.  The way this month is going, I may have to do all of my training on the treadmill.  But it does enable me to artificially push my limits simply by speeding up the treadmill belt.  So maybe that is a really good thing.  My goal is to increase my pace, and it seems that I may be making slight progress. 

Of course the most important goal is the cause.  I'm so happy I am finally signed up for another Team In Training event.  The finish line of ending cancer is more important than any other finish line I try to cross.

Keeping this in mind for this month too.

End Cancer!

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