Friday, June 1, 2012


I had a fantastic trip through Spain and Portugal, amazing 8 day bicycle ride from Lisbon to Granada, two separate weeks of driving with rental cars and scaring myself half to death negotiating the roundabouts.  I walked miles and miles every day during my drives, and rode about 40 miles a day on the bike ride.  So every day during the trip was a workout of some sort. When I got home I dove head first into getting my yard back in order before heading back to Deadhorse for June.  I took a 3 day trip with Mark up to Delta to visit our friend Eric, but after that, I was scrambling to finish the small section of boardwalk I had to build, cleaning my garden pond, and getting a start on the weeding.  I was satisfied with my progress when I finally had to get in my car and head north.

I drove to Deadhorse this time and it was fantastic.  Beautiful weather the whole way.  I spent my first night at the motel in Fairbanks, and made it to Deadhorse the next night. 

Atigun Pass

I am back at work now and did my first training run since Madrid.  I only ran 3 miles because I am still pretty tired from the trip, the drive, and the transition back into working the night shift.  It was 34 degrees with an icy wind blowing, but at least it was nice and sunny running along the Dalton Highway across from Caren Pond.  I touched up the blue paint on that Caren Pond sign while I was down there.  I was running really slowly.  I will spend some time on the treadmill where I can push myself to a faster pace.  With the cold wind and temperatures, it will probably be good to do some indoor training too.  I must get faster.  Too many of the marathons are starting to impose time limits.  I at least need to stay under 6 hours.  Yukon River Trail Marathon has a 6 hour limit, so I need to speed up by August.  My next event is Hatcher Pass Marathon and that will be a slow one since it is all uphill.  I'm signed up for Yellowknife and Anchorage Big Wild Life also in August.  That will be three weekends in a row.  Our team got selected for Nike in San Francisco in October too.  So I have a lot of marathons on my upcoming agenda. 

I want to sign up for another Team In Training event but haven't found one that works with my schedule.  I will likely do a January or February event with them.  But I also want to do the Kilimanjaro climb again in February.

I'm hoping to train more effeciently while I am up here in Deadhorse this month.  I'm hoping to run every day.

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