Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Around The Lake Again

No more beautiful 70 degree days this week.  But it wasn't too bad, in the mid 40's with about a 10 knot wind.  Had to wear the windbreaker and ear band to stay warm and it still was pretty icy for the first couple of miles.  But by the time I got to the north side of Colleen Lake I was wishing for some wind.  It seemed to die out on that north shore which enabled the mosquitoes to band together and swarm around me until I got to the west side where the wind came back.  I got a pretty good workout today.  The cold made me run faster and so did the mosquitoes.  I got a good sleep today too which really helped.  I followed the run with the 60 minute ballet workout that I just received today on DVD.  That is an incredible workout.

I will be heading home in three days where I will have more free time for longer runs.  It is hard here in Deadhorse because I really don't have enough time because I have to work every night.  I am really limited to no more than about 2 hours for running.  But at least I was able to run outdoors almost the entire month.
I can think of better running partners than this guy!

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