Sunday, June 10, 2012

40 Knots and 40 Degrees

Finally, a sunny day here in Deadhorse.  It was all the way up to 40 degrees too.  But the wind was also up to 40 knots so I wondered if I would really run outdoors.  But I had to at least go for a drive in the sunshine. I decided to brave the wind and did run 5 miles down at mile 22 of the pipeline.  It wasn't bad at all.  As long as I have something to cover part of my face, a good hat and my sun glasses to protect my eyes, it was a pretty good run.  So I may just keep on running outdoors even if the wind is blowing.  It still beats the treadmill.  I saw the musk ox herd about 15 miles to the south too. They were not very close but at least I got to see a few of them.

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