Monday, June 18, 2012

Colleen Lake 72 Degrees!!!

Today was the best run ever!  I ran my favorite 5 mile run around Colleen Lake here in Deadhorse.  But it was 72 degrees out with just the right amount of breeze to make it feel wonderful.  I ran faster than I have in a long time too.  I passed two guys running in the opposite direction so I am not the only one to discover this North Slope paradise.  I did get a slight hassle from some guy in a BP truck.  Warning me of the dangers of trucks and that there were bears everywhere!  I've been running that road for 5 years and have yet to see a bear.  But I know there are some around but since it is so open, I would hardly come upon one and surprise them.  If I see one I will simply turn around and run the opposite direction.  I stick to the side of the road so the trucks are hardly an issue.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside in the sunshine.  I took this photo with my cell phone along the way.

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