Friday, June 15, 2012

Gorgeous Day!

What a fantastic day here on the North Slope of Alaska!  54 degrees and barely a light breeze.  I drove down to my favorite spot by Caren Pond, and did my typical 5 mile run up and down the Dalton Highway.  First time ever that I could actually run with a T-shirt and no coat, no gloves, no hat!  Wow it was amazing.  Not a cloud in the sky either.  It felt so great.  I am not moving any faster though.  I haven't figured out how to really force myself to run faster.  My legs seem to pick a certain speed and rebel if I try to go faster.  But I try to push as hard as I can.

On the way back I saw the musk ox herd.  3 little babies among the big ones too.  I had heard that a grizzly killed at least one baby, but I was happy to see that there are still some left. I ran into some people from Oregon who drove up and were also looking at the musk ox herd.  They were a little far away for great photos but at least I did get one to show that I really did see them.

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