Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Today is National Running Day so of course I had to run!  I was going to just run on the treadmill because of the nasty windy icy cold weather.  But I went for a drive to see if I could find the bears that people have been seeing around here. (One more reason to run indoors)  But I never did see any.  I decided to drive down the road a bit, all the way to the little pond we named Caren Pond.  I parked there and bundled up against the wind and ran 3 miles initially.  But when I reached the goal of 3 miles I decided to keep on going until I reached 5 miles.  I like to run at least 5 miles every day.  I really need to get in a long run of at least 10 miles, but the weather is so obnoxious, I keep putting it off.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I may have to do it on the treadmill.  I am kind of alternating between the treadmill and the outdoors.  I can push myself more on the treadmill by raising the speed.  Out on the road I find it difficult to judge if I am pushing harder or not.  Both forms of running are very beneficial.

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