Monday, March 1, 2010

Ran & Rode

oday was a little disappointing.  I had hoped to run 10 miles or so but by the time I reached the 3 mile point, I was starting to stumble.  I guess my legs were still tired from yesterday's 8 miles, so I basically had pushed my calf muscles to failure.  But then I rode the Lifecycle for 5 miles so at least I got a good 1 hour workout.  I need to bike as much or more than I need to run right now considering the long bike ride I have planned, 830 miles from Prudhoe to Palmer in July.  It's still snowing and blowing and -20 here so I'm doing everything indoors on our high tech exercise equipment.  It sure is nice that we have those things!

Team In Training is having some technical difficulties that are holding up the setting up of my website, so I am trying to be patient.  It should be up in a couple of days though.

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