Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Pain, No Gain?

When I woke up this afternoon my legs were really hurting.  Swollen too, so naturally I decided to take another rest day.  I even went back to bed.  But after a few minutes lying there staring at the ceiling, I decided I just couldn't do it.  I HAD TO RUN! 

So, I went down to the treadmill and ran as slowly and gently as I could, for 5 miles.  It actually didn't hurt very much at all.  After that I did a good stretching routine, then another 5 miles on the stationary bike.  My legs actually feel better now. 

Up here in the Arctic they say it is easy to get dehydrated.  I suspect that could be my problem, so I am making sure I drink lots of extra water.  I drank an entire liter of water on my 5 mile 50 minute run.  I hope I am back on track with my training now.

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