Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Miles

Wow, I finally got my new Team In Training fundraising page set up.  Please click here and donate to help me cure cancer.  I'll be running another 26.2 mile marathon plus my more ambitious endurance event of the 830 mile mountain bike ride down the Dalton Highway then all the way to Palmer, Alaska from the Deadhorse Airport here in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  I've run 9 marathons so far and they are always a challenge for me.  But I want to do something more unusual to show people that I really mean business - I WANT TO CURE CANCER!  You are the ones who can help me with this.  Even the smallest amount will help.  If 1000 people donated one dollar - I would have raised $1000.  My initial goal for these events is $5000 and I really hope I can raise that.

Today (actually since it's after midnight, yesterday) I ran 5 miles on the treadmill then rode a couple more miles on the stationary bike.  I'm trying to train some on each every day.

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