Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 5 of my 10 mi/day for 10 days

I felt great today on my 10 mile treadmill run.  Sure wish I could have been running outdoors in that bright sunshine, but that howling wind and blowing snow and wind chill of -20 discourage outdoor running!  Even walking the short distance home from work this morning was a challenge against that wind.

Today I ran 10 miles for honored teammate Bill Gill.  He is battling leukemia.  I sure hope he wins the battle.  His struggle makes my little 10 mile runs seem like absolutely nothing.  They are just pleasure runs.  His battle is more like running from Alaska to Argentina, non-stop!

I've run 56 miles this week so far.  I feel great.  I like stepping up the weekly miles like this. 

Here is what it looked like last night walking to work at sunset.  An unusual looking place, Deadhorse, Alaska.

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