Monday, March 15, 2010

10 in 10

I seem to be making absolutely no progress at fundraising.  I have posted and posted and posted on Facebook and Twitter and My Space, sent E-mails to hundreds of people and am now writing letters to everyone I can think of.  But the only donation I have received is $40 from the sale of two of my photos at a much reduced price at our silent auction. So I have set up a new challenge for myself.  I am going to run 10 miles every day for the next 10 days.  I've asked everyone to simply donate just $1/mile, for just one of the days.  That's only $10.  I'm hoping some of my friends can afford that small amount.  It might be just a small amount, but a small amount from a whole lot of people adds up to a large amount, and that is what is needed to find a cure for diseases as deadly as blood cancers.  I may have to run until I drop, but I'll be back later today to record my first 10 miles of this new challenge. 

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