Monday, March 1, 2010


I arrived in Deadhorse yesterday morning.  It was 44 below zero when I stepped off the plane.  Not much chance of me choosing to run outdoors around here right now.  I had my usual unpacking and organizing to do, then since I had been up all night long at the Anchorage airport waiting for my flight, I went to sleep at 11 am and didn't wake up until after 4 pm.  I was in no mood to run or do anything at all.  But according to my Nike+ marathon training schedule, I was supposed to run 8 miles.  I didn't figure there was much chance of that, but decided I should not blow off my workout.  So, I stumbled downstairs to the Prudhoe Bay Hotel treadmill, set my iPod for 6 miles, and figured I would quit after 3 miles.  But at 3 miles when the iPod Nike+ voice said "Halfway Point" I decided to go for the whole 6 miles.  When I reached 6 miles, I was feeling pretty good and the annoying pain in my legs had finally stopped, so I forced myself to go the last two miles and actually completed the entire 8 miles.  Probably I was somewhat inspired by the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics and the little excerpts they kept showing of our gold medalists as they performed their most amazing feats.  I kept thinking to myself - they wouldn't be giving up before reaching 8 miles.  So, I made it.  I actually felt great considering how tired I was before I started.  I really have no excuse to not workout while I am up here all month.  It's not like I really have a whole lot of other things that I need to do.  I'm hoping to really reach my training goals this month. 

I can't wait to get my new Team In Training website set up.  I'm ready to start the push for fundraising for these next two events - Humpy's Marathon and the Dalton Highway bike ride.

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