Thursday, June 18, 2015

To the VOR and Back

I was sort of dragging today. It was strange conditions out there too.  The grader had been by recently and the road edge was really broken up.  I kept twisting my ankles trying to run there.  So instead of along the lake I ran down the Dalton Highway to the VOR and back. The mosquitoes were really bad too.  They were swarming around me, but at least they were kind enough not to bite me.  A few followed me right back to my room, probably making a home in my hair!

Deadhorse VOR
I signed up to run the Mainly Marathons Appalachian Series in October. I'll be running the Jersey Marathon October 4th, then spending most of the rest of that week in that area, probably exploring in the UK, then fly back to the US to start the series on October 11th.  7 marathons, 7 states, 7 days.  How could I resist?  Especially knowing with Mainly Marathons there are no time limits, so I think of it as just 7 days of a good workout with fun people. Then I have another free week to visit the cousins back east before the Marine Corps Marathon with Team In Training.

Now to concentrate on fundraising.  As usual, I will most likely donate my Team In Training minimum myself in the next few days.  But I really would like to raise more than the minimum.  So anyone reading this blog, please consider helping me in the fight to rid the world of cancer.  Research will find the answer and research takes money.  Any donation small or large just adds to the battle.

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