Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun Runs

We had another fun run today.  This one was over by Peak Light Duty Shop.  I ran the morning one twice right after work.  Then went back to my room and slept for the day.  I ran the evening one twice also. So my total mileage for today was 12.25 miles. Plus another 4 T-shirts!  It was very chilly this morning because it was very windy.  I wore a long sleeve shirt and a light jacket under my windbreaker.  I was pretty glad that I did that even though by the end of the second trip I was starting to get a little warm.  It was warmer in the afternoon so I left out the little jacket, and never did get too warm because the wind was much stronger.  But once again the plus side was NO MOSQUITOES!  Normally I'm not crazy about wind, but up here in the Arctic in summer, wind is my best friend.

This run had a couple of really cute mascots.  Big fuzzy bumblebees.

That's because Peak's logo is the bumblebee and the motto "WORK ALERT, SAFETY PAYS"


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