Monday, June 8, 2015

Around The Lake

Finally a day good enough to run all 5 miles around Colleen Lake.  It was beautiful when I left the hotel.  But about halfway around the lake a gigantic rain-filled black cloud started working its way towards Deadhorse.  I wondered if there was any way I could outrun it.  But I got to the door of the hotel just as the first raindrops fell. It poured rain for a while after that.  I think it inspired me to run a little faster though.

I was still slower than I want to be.  That route is good because it is really a trail rather than a road.  It is gravel and in places it is more like a pile of small rocks. The surface really does slow me down.  The 25 mph wind in my face for the first half didn't do much for my speed either. But it was the best workout I've had since I got up here a week ago.

Looks like rain!

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