Sunday, June 7, 2015

Along Colleen Lake

Finally, a nice enough day to actually run outdoors.  It is still almost a muddy lake by the hotel so I just drove to the lake and parked at the turnout about halfway around.  I was a little short on time so just planned a 3 mile run.  It was really nice, just a 1.5 mile out and back along the lake.  5 pm is not a very good time to be running along the lake because there is a huge amount of traffic at that time. I got up a little late and by the time I ate breakfast, and fiddled with my new iWatch, it was past 5 pm.

But wow, a sunny day in the 40's with very little wind!  It was so beautiful out there. It may still be a while before I can actually realistically start my run from the hotel, but I could easily run all the way around the lake just by parking where I did today. 

I enjoyed using my new iWatch. I was able to start my run on my phone just by tapping the watch.  I could also check my progress without digging my phone out of a pocket somewhere.  That's pretty convenient.  At least it's kind of a fun toy to play with, plus very cute!

My iWatch
I was so excited to see the sun today.  I had almost forgotten that it even exists, yet ironically, it is up 24 hours a day all month.

Colleen Lake
There is still a lot of ice on the lake but in the open water I did see a couple of Arctic Loons.  There were lots of geese flying by as I ran too. I tried at first to drive down the Dalton Highway just to see how far I could get.  It has been closed for about a month due to flooding.  Sadly, I only got about a mile before I encountered a flagger.  I hardly feel like dealing with road construction just to go for a run.  I probably won't get down the road at all this month.  But at least I have the lake.  It's a lot prettier anyway.  Though the road closure means I probably won't see much in the way of wildlife.  Now I wonder why I bothered to bring my big wildlife lens up with me.  I hope I get to use it while I'm here.

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