Friday, June 26, 2015

Pump Station 1 Fun Run

The second Prudhoe Bay Fun Run this season.  I ran it twice since it is only a 5k and I wanted to get in at least 5 miles today. It was perfect conditions too, nice temperature in the high 50's with a nice wind of about 15 knots that did a great job of blowing all mosquitoes well out of everyone's way.

We started right at mile zero of the pipeline.

Mile 0 Alyeska Pipeline
We ran along the pipeline access road and back.  What a nice place to run!  It's too bad I don't have a badge to get onto the oil fields so I can run up and down there everyday.  Of course, even if I had a badge, I'm sure I would get arrested for making that my daily practice.  But it would sure beat running out on the roads dodging the trucks.  I had to catch a ride with a friend who works inside the gate so I could at least get a chance to participate in the fun run. They gave out really nice T-shirts and I picked up two since I ran the course twice.

I look like I'm really flying in this picture below, but most of the other people who were actually running rather than just walking along, were flying by me like I was standing still. I never seem to be breaking any speed records, but I do notice that I run considerably faster on these fun runs than I do on my own when I am just running around the lake. 
Me, moving along!
We have another run on Sunday and I'll try to run in both the morning and evening runs since it is on the non-secured side of the gate.  I can actually drive there myself. These runs are great training for the 17 marathons I am planning for the rest of the year. 

But most important - Marine Corps Marathon.  My current Team In Training event.
I need help with my fundraising.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.  The most important finish line is the one the marks the end of cancer!

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