Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6 Miles Around The Lake

Once again there was good weather so I got to run outdoors.  According to the training plan I have been using, I needed to run 6 miles today.  It is only 5 miles around the lake and I knew that if I ran the 5 miles I probably wouldn't have the ambition to go back half a mile, when the end was in sight.  Lazy - yes I am.  So when I got to the 2 mile point, I backtracked half a mile which gave me no choice but to continue the full 6 miles.  I was slower than usual partly because the changing temperature caused me to fiddle around with my jacket combination.  I like to keep the bright yellow windbreaker on for visibility, but the light jacket beneath it had to come off.  Then on the other side of the lake the wind came up and it had to go back on.  I also managed to get fairly large rocks in my shoes.  So all in all it was a bit of a stumbling run.  But I made it all 6 miles.

Still a lot of ice on the lake yet.
Colleen Lake
But lots of open water as well.

Colleen Lake

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