Sunday, June 21, 2015

North Slope Borough Fun Run

We had our first North Slope Fun run today.  They always have it twice, at 6 am and 6 pm. It was such a beautiful morning that I decided to do the morning one as well as the afternoon one. This morning it was 54 degrees with just the right amount of breeze. I enjoyed it so much that I ran the race twice, and got 2 T-shirts.  The total distance was about 5 1/2 miles. 

After the run, I went back to my room to sleep.  It was so warm that I needed the window open to keep the room cool.  But with the window open I had to listen to a combination of helicopters, graders, and some annoying workers using power tools right beneath my window.  So it was a pretty restless sleep, jumping up and down opening and closing the window.

But I still had enough energy to do the evening run, which was also really nice.  By then it had warmed up to 81 degrees but fortunately the wind was a little stronger.  It seemed to keep the mosquitoes away, except for one that I swallowed when it flew into my mouth.  I ran that race twice also. So I ended up with 4 T-shirts, one in each of the 4 sizes.  It's a very colorful bright red shirt with this wild logo on the back!
And here I am looking ridiculous as one of my friends stopped me mid-stride for a quick photo.

Me on the run!

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